Can I eat bread at night?

Bread, a lot of us like it, very rarely some of us don’t. A lot of people have been asking me lately, whether eating bread at night is a good or bad thing. The answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. There are many factors one has to consider when they are eating bread at night. Bread is just carbohydrates by nature and has very little fiber and adds very little nutritional value to one’s meal. White bread is also the worst out of the lot, with it being heavily processed.

can i eat bread at night

Whole wheat bread however is more easily digestible and also has more fiber content than normal bread. Even though bread is just carbohydrate, it isn’t straight up bad to consume at night. The type of body you have, the type of bread you consume, how much you consume and what you add to the bread, be it protein or fat, etc. All matter and are correlated.

Bread and its nutritional value:

Bread by itself is only like 80 calories a slice for normal white bread and you can find a lot of wheat breads at close to 40 calories a slice but what additions you make to your bread make a big difference, bread has a bad reputation because of the high calorie additions most people consume with it. So late at night if you’re slathering your bread with mayo or Nutella then it’s obviously a higher calorie intake than just plain bread.

How your body condition and what you add matters:

A person’s metabolism also comes into play, how fast you digest your food is a factor too. Unless you have a very high metabolism, the bread you consume at night might get stored as fat in the body. You must also consider what you wanna do with your body, if you are underweight then the bread you eat at night is probably gonna not matter. But if you are overweight, ask yourself if you really want those extra carbs in your body.

The amount of bread you consume also matters as I said, two to four slices shouldn’t do much to you, going more though cannot be beneficial to you at night. Bread isn’t exactly filling. Which is why before you know, you’ve consumed half a loaf. So if you want a late night snack do consider what you add to your bread and how much you consume.

If you consume too much carbohydrates at night, your body takes time to digest it and you might end up feeling drowsy in the morning. Try to add leafy greens and some other form of protein to the bread you consume at night so that it’s more filling and adds more nutritional value to what you eat.


Stay away from white bread as much as possible and try to get an unprocessed bread which has most of its nutritional value intact. Don’t add stuff like high sugar content jams or high fat spreads like mayo at night. So in short the answer to this question is. Yes, you can eat bread at night and it isn’t bad for you if you know what you add to it and how much of it you’re consuming. Keep these guidelines in mind and you should be just fine.