Can you eat Bananas every day?

Can you eat bananas every single day? Is it good for you? Well if you have ever had these striking questions then I’m here to answer them for you.

can i eat bananas every day

Calorie and sugar levels:

So, let’s start off with what bananas contain in terms of raw energy. An average banana has only 105 calories which fits most people’s diets. It isn’t excessive by any means. You’ll also get only 27 grams of carbs from a single banana. Unless you’re on a very low carb or calorie deficit diet then bananas should be just fine. A lot of people avoid bananas because consuming them create a spike in blood sugar levels and also because bananas are quite starchy however the glycemic index puts bananas at a score of around 51-52 and any food with a glycemic index score of less than 56 is deemed to be low in affecting one’s blood sugar. Anything above 56 is still considered to be moderate. So, it’s completely safe to consume bananas every day from an energy gain and sugar intake stand point.

Health benefits:

Bananas provide you with not only energy but also provide you with fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B2 and Manganese. These all put together provide your body with a lot of its much needed nutrients. It also helps people with high blood pressure, a way to control high blood pressure is to consume potassium and bananas come packed with potassium and this makes them great to keep blood pressure in check.

The fiber content in bananas also regulates your bowel movements better. Bananas are also the perfect pre/post workout snack. Many studies have shown that consuming bananas before a sport or workout showed that athletes performed better and had more endurance. Bananas produce the same effect as consuming a sports drink and they are also far healthier than processed sports drinks. Bananas also are known to help with preventing asthma and other diseases like cancer.

Allergic reactions:

So, finally let’s see the bad side of bananas, these aren’t things that apply to normal people but to those with specific allergies. If you’re allergic to latex then bananas aren’t great for you. Bananas have the same protein found in latex that creates the chemical reaction in your body that creates the allergy.

Also fruits like avocado, Kiwi and chestnuts all have the same protein so look out for them too. Bananas also contain an amino acid called tyrosine that the body converts into Tyramine. This tyramine causes headaches in some people. Unless you have consumed other foods that cause production of tyramine in the body, you should be fine with one or two bananas a day. If you have a rag weed allergy then there is quite a bit of chance that you are also allergic to bananas too. The point to be noted however is that most of these side effects aren’t common for the majority of people and are limited to those with specific conditions.

So, to sum it up bananas can be consumed every day and aren’t harmful to you unless you have certain specific conditions. They also come with a ton of health benefits. So, go bananas!!! I guess.