The original sin maker of the Bible that doomed Adam and Eve are one of the best gifts of nature to the human world. Rich in health benefits Apple has much to offer. And eaten at the right time with the right companion can boost the advantages of the beautiful fruit even further.

best time to eat apple

Cheers, to the Good Times:

Start your morning with an apple: The bright red skin of an apple contains dietary fiber like pectin. This is great for your bowel movement. Pectin makes sure that residues of carcinogen and metal get discharged from your body. It also protects lactic acid which acts as a treatment and prevention mechanism for constipation. Rich in organic acid this fruit acts as a go starter for your morning routine.

For your sudden cravings: The sudden pangs of hunger are the worst times of the day when inebriated with the growling stomach we head for the tastier food items that happen to have a sworn enmity with our waistline. Delicious food need not be unhealthy food items. Point in case is Apple, of course. The golden fruit is tasty, delicious, juicy and comes with great health benefits. The pectin in the apple attracts water and creates a gel in the body in times of digestion. This gel is retained in the body. The effects are you feel fuller. Apples also maintain steady blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity making sure the balance of natural nutrients in your body does not go topsy-turvy.

Combo-licious with health benefits: While sipping on green tea munch on apples. They both have natural antioxidants, and together they are a lethal combo blocking the growth of the bad molecule vascular endothelial. Vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF is the benefactor of angiogenesis which is a plaque that hardens arteries and can aid in spreading cancerous cells in the body.  Green tea and apples when consumed together act as a great detox and rids off the plaques and toxicity which you do not want to settle down in your body.

Apple and dark chocolate are good for your health: Here is a health combo that tastes divine. The good benefits of these two are in their flavonoids. Apple is high on quercetin, and dark chocolate has catechin. Ok, Hebrew over lets explain what these are actually. Our body contains blood vessels. The toxicity we speak of is carried by the blood and artery purifies them. A damaged blood vessel releases collagen which reacts with the platelets in our blood creating clogs in arteries that prevent the blood flow. Flavonoids like quercetin and catechin stop the interaction between collagen and blood platelets.

Munching on Apple fights off the plaque that forms on your teeth. Chewing on apples then is a fine habit and must be cultivated. Though mornings are the best time for apple consumption, the fruit filled with goodness can be eaten at any point of time.

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