According to some recent studies, the best time to eat a beetroot is before a workout. Although the truth of this statement is yet to be judged, it can certainly be assumed that beets are, in general, extremely healthy. They contain a lot of fiber and water content, and a healthy dose of essential nutrients. However, like everything else, it would not do you much good if you fill up on beets all day long and do not get the much needed nutrients you will be getting from other foods. In this article, we will look at the how and when of beets.

best time to eat beets

Around a workout

The beet is a great pre-workout food, which makes it an ideal food to eat early in the morning. Beets are filling and nutritious, and provide you with a lot of energy that will help you power through your workouts. And this is not a momentary gain either; since they are so loaded with nutrients, you will slowly become more and more energetic if you keep up the habit if consuming beets every day. One cup of beets before and one cup after a workout session will help you reach your athletic goals much faster. This is even truer for runners who need more energy than a regular at the gym.

For lunch

Beets are great additions to your lunch. Your lunch is the last heavy meal of the day, and builds up the pressure on your liver and stomach to digest all that food in addition to a heavy breakfast. Beets are full of dietary fiber and a lot of water, which makes them ideal for improving digestion. They will help your body process the food easily and keep you full, so that you don’t feel hungry before dinner. It also makes like much easier in the mornings since bowel movements become softer.

During pregnancy

Beets are great for you if you are pregnant. Apart from the fact that they help with digestive issues, which itself is a great plus for any pregnant woman, beets are also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and folic acid. All three of these nutrients are essential to make sure that the expecting mother remains healthy and the fetus grows well without any hindrance to its development.

After a bingeing session

Beets are great additions to your meal after a heavy holiday season. Holidays are usually characterized by heavy eating and drinking sessions, and following it up with a detox diet of fruits and vegetables, including beets, is the smart way to go. Beets stimulate the liver, thus helping it to pump out the toxins that settle in it during a happy hogging session. As such, you can also have a couple of beets every week if you are recovering from, or undergoing treatment for, any liver disease.

Beets are pretty versatile, even though not everyone might like their taste. They can be consumed as a juice, in salads, in adventurous sandwiches, and even in the form of a dip. Bathroom visits might become slightly alarming, but do not run to the ER immediately as beets tend to color urine and feces a shade of red.

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