Best time to drink green tea

What is the best time to drink green tea?

Green tea is one of the favorite drinks of many. Known for its antioxidant properties and several other health benefits, it is fast replacing the other traditional tea and caffeine variants. Among several benefits, green tea helps in improving metabolism and in boosting the body’s fat burning mechanism, thus, helping in losing weight tremendously. Due to the presence of a strong anti-oxidant named as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, green tea also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The presence of this prepares the body in fighting cancer and removing toxins from the body. Green tea boosts the immune system of body manifolds due to several antioxidants compounds. However, it is essential to understand that timing of taking green tea is most important as taking it randomly can cause adverse effects. Read on to more how to time the intake of green tea effectively.

What is the Best time to drink green tea

Before discussing the timings, one important thing to consider is the fact that timings depend on the purpose of taking green tea. Whether it is to lose weight or improve immunity, it should always be taken in moderation to avoid the side effects.

  • Morning time: The best time to take green tea is in the morning after having a light snack. Avoid taking it very early in the morning on the empty stomach as it contains caffeine that can lead to dehydration and can stimulate the release of gastric acid leading to stomach upset and ulcers.
  • Before the meal time: Taking green tea a couple of hours before help in increasing metabolism of the body. It is best to avoid taking green tea at the meal time as it can reduce the absorption of a vitamin called as thiamine that can cause beriberi, a type of disease.
  • Between the meals: One of the best times for green tea intake is in between the meal, especially if you are looking to utilize the benefits of antioxidants present in it. Taking it in between the meals ensure that the antioxidant catechins, does not reach with other forms of proteins and the effectiveness of green tea is maintained.
  • After the meals: Having green tea an hour before or after having a meal is suggested as this will ensure that the digestion is not affected and all the macro nutrients like fat and proteins are absorbed properly.
  • Before the bedtime: If you are looking to reduce weight, one of the best time to have green tea is one hour before the bedtime. Always take the green tea which is low in caffeine content and brew it properly. This will help you to burn fat fast and will also prevent deep sleep.

Green tea is an effective alternative to the stronger and harmful tea and coffee variants. Numerous health benefits and antioxidant properties to increase metabolism makes them a much more preferred option in today’s time where unhealthy, stress full life and deteriorating health is a major concern. Depending on the purpose such as weight loss or improving immunity, the intake of green tea should be timed for maximum health gains.