Best time to drink lemon water

What is the best time to drink lemon water?

Lemon water is well- known for several health benefits all across. Drinking it daily can do a lot of good to the system. From keeping the body hydrated to cleanse and stimulate the digestive system to rejuvenate the internal organs of the body, lemon water is an effective remedy for many problems. However, the positive effects of lemon water can be enhanced by taking it at the right times. This post will help you to manage the timing of lemon water intake for maximum benefits:

What is the Best time to drink lemon water


  • Early morning: Having warm lemon water early morning on empty stomach helps the body in its ability to lose weight. It is the best way to start the day instead of the stimulant drinks with their harmful effects on the body. It is known that water helps in keeping the body hydrated. Adding lemon to it makes the body feel less hungry and makes the digestive system function better, adding to the weight loss process. Lemon water is also a great energy booster required by the body during the morning time as our tissues are dehydrated and in immediate need of fluid to push toxins out of the body.
  • Before the meals: Lemon juice, due to a lot of Vitamin C contents, helps the immune system and heals the body faster. In long term, lemon water protects from serious diseases such as cancer. Taking lemon water, before meals, maintains the lymphatic system running smoothly. Lemon water intake before meals balances body’s vitamins, nutrients and minerals replenishing all that it burns up during exercise and workouts in the morning, helping the body function smoothly.
  • After the meal: Drinking the lemon water 30 minutes after the meal helps the body produce additional enzymes and adequate stomach acid to induces better digestion and get maximum nutrients out of the body. One of the other benefits of having lemon water post meal is its ability to acts as a natural cleanser to the body. Drinking warm lemon water can help the body with digestion due to the citric acid present in the lemon. Citric acid interacts with various enzymes in the body and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and also helps the liver in releasing harmful toxins.
  • Before the sleep: Before bedtime is one of the best time for having lemon water as it will provide enough time to the body to clear the system of unwanted toxins. Warm lemon water cleanses the system of all the toxins and improves digestion by aiding in the process of eliminating waste products from the body. Lemons due to vitamin c also helps in revitalizing the skin and making it glow.

Lemon water intake regularly can help tremendously in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can help the body to feel better overall by improving digestion and cleansing the body. It is an effective remedy for many problems such as sore throats and tonsils due to anti-inflammatory properties of lemon. Also, due to its antioxidants properties, lemon protects the body from infections and strengthening the immune system.