Best time to eat avocado

Everybody knows about the benefits of avocado however it is difficult to find the best time for its consumption. There is a lot of confusion but anytime during the day before the breakfast and lunch could go a long way in improving the health of the people.

best time to eat avocado

No addition to fat: The majority of individuals think that avocado can make them fat and prone to disease. It is a misconception that rose in the mid-80s due to false reporting by the media. With new researches, it is found that they do not add even a single ounce of fat to the body. In fact, the fruit is a rich source of monosaturated versions that are beneficial to the body. In addition, avocado is known to control the hunger pangs just before lunch to control the weight of the body.

Rich source of nutrition: One of the most important aspects of avocado is that it is a nutrition bomb and provides energy to the body. It is equipped with more than 10 minerals to boost the immune system to a great extent. The fruit also contains essential amino acids and fibers to eliminate the excess cholesterol in the body.

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Health from a long term perspective: The presence of fibers in the fruit plays an important role in the reduction of the LDL which is also harmful cholesterol responsible for creating congestion in the arteries. As a result, you will enjoy enhanced blood flow to different organs and feel extremely rejuvenated.

Use avocado with food menu: Mixing milkshake with fruit would not only provide taste but also help you to be healthy. They play an important role in eliminating the problem of cancer because of the presence of antioxidants. Free radicals along with toxic substances are removed from the blood to ensure optimum health of the person.
You can also place avocado on the bread slice and enjoy the amazing effect. It can be easily consumed with a mixture of beans and rice to prepare a tasty dish stuffed with a large amount of nutrients.

Rich source of carbohydrates: The majority of natural sources of carbohydrates are rich in fat that provides energy to the body but also causes problems in the form of the addition of cholesterol to the blood. Avocado is wonder fruit that transmits energy to the cells of the body but doesn’t cause clogging in the arteries. After a busy day, you can feast on the fruit and feel energetic. The days of fatigue are the thing of the past as you may consume avocado and enjoy amazing benefits.
Prior to having the fruit, it should be kept in the fridge for ripening. Once ready, it needs to be kept carefully in the form of slices to get the desired results.

Good for the skin: Having the wonderful fruit on a daily basis can make your skin supple as well as smooth. Various compounds found in avocado can reduce the ocular decline and improve the vision of the person even during the old age.