Mango is considered the King of the fruits as it is available in different varieties to the people however not many are aware about the best time to eat mango. According to the experts, it can be consumed during breakfast and lunch however the fruit should be avoided during dinner time due to the presence of large number of calories. There are many reasons that make mango might effective during morning and afternoon.

best time to eat mango

Prevention of cancer: One of the most important benefits of consuming fruit during breakfast is that the antioxidants prevent the growth of the radicals inside the body. As a result, cancer may not affect colon and other parts of the body. Moreover, it also protects from the instances of leukemia and other types of dreaded diseases.

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Reduction in cholesterol: Majority of people are suffering from the problems of increased cholesterol in blood. It constricts the blood supply and causes heart attacks. Mangoes play a very important role in the reduction of the fat deposition is blood. Presence of potassium in mango is essential to reduce the blood pressure in the body and regulate the heart rate.

Cleaning the skin: Regular consumption of fruit during summer season is essential to enhance the health of the skin. Mango uses the pores of the skin to provide nutrition and clears the clogging which are chiefly responsible for causing acne. One should slice the mango and apply on the skin to witness the desired results. It is a natural way to cleansing the skin as you do not need to apply the chemical lotion.

Controls acidity in body: Majority of people know that acidity in the body causes more harm than good to the health. Mango introduces alkalis that neutralize the harmful effects and ensures long term benefits to the people. Since the fruit is rich in tartar, Malic and citric acid, the alkalinity rises appreciably in the body. You can not only enjoy taste but also steer clear of the diseases.

Loss of weight: How many of us are suffering from obesity? Probably a large percentage of the population is affected by the problem. They buy supplements and medications to reduce weight however it can be done naturally with the help of mangoes. After having fruits, you may experience fullness in the stomach. It will curb the hunger pangs and immediately control the production of fat in the body. Regular consumption will make your figure attractive with the elimination of fatigue and lethargy.

Regulate the blood sugar level: If the mango leaf is consumed during the day time, it can control the blood sugar level. Leaves should be boiled on a regular basis so that they are soaked properly. Drinking the filtered water can provide whirl of benefits to the patients. Rather than consuming plethora of expensive medications, the natural source such as mango leaves could be handy to control the insulin levels.

Increase Eye sight: Due to presence of Vitamin A in the fruit, people can enhance their eye sight with regular consumption. It can be quite effective if taken in the morning as the eyes never become dry.

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