Can a diabetic eat honey?

One of the most common assumptions that most people make regarding diabetes is that one should not consume sugar in any form. Diabetes can arise due to various reasons; some stem from genetic and hereditary factors as in your grandfather was a diabetic so there is a good chance you could be. But there are also other factors which may have caused you to become diabetic, Obesity and lack of activity is known to cause diabetes, as well as a host of other health conditions and, may even impact your cardiovascular health. So, once you have been diagnosed as a diabetic, do not assume that this means you would have to cut sugar completely out of your food. Your body still requires a certain amount of sugar in order to function seamlessly. Your doctor would advise you on the changes that you may have t make with regard to your lifestyle and may even specify a fitness regimen plan to follow for a period of months. If the exercise is not having much impact on your blood sugar levels, he would recommend a dietician, a meal plan to be followed with a stringent diet and some medication for controlling your condition.

Can a diabetic eat honey?

While you do need to lay off sugary items, you can always co-opt in sugar-free substitute sugars; the taste may slightly vary but it should be just as sweet as the regular sugar. And since you are a diabetic, you may want to lay off honey. Granted that honey contains sugar in its natural organic form and is much healthier than the regular sugar but it is a lot sweeter as well. So you may actually end up consuming more sugar than you had intended with honey. What’s more, honey being organic is rapidly absorbed by your body and this again results in your blood sugar levels being all over the place.

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You can always test your blood sugar levels before eating and one hour after eating and check out the difference. There are various test kits readily available over the counter and you can choose any reputable device to test your blood sugar levels. It is important that you understand what you are looking at and through the test kit should carry a description, here’s a simplified version of the same

  • If your blood sugar levels are below 70, then that’s way too low. There’s a chance that you are hypoglycemic
  • The optimal level for your blood sugar should be between 75 to 150
  • If your blood sugar levels are above this, then that’s high and if it reaches 270, then that’s extremely high

It is important that you consult your physician right away on confirming that your blood sugar is either too high or too low. He would then prescribe some medication for temporary relief and advise a course of treatment which may include regular exercises, changes to your diet and schedules, etc. But do remember, that while as a diabetic you may have to lay off honey, you can still resume your normal life, within reason.