Nutritionists, and health experts normally advocates to consume dates in their diet. As they are a superfood with abundance of nutrition in it. But in case of diabetes, where the diet has to be strictly monitored on the basis of sugar, and carbs, are dates safe for them. Read this article, to find out more about the impact of dates on diabetes.

dates in diabetes

What are dates?

Dates are a wonderful winter food that has plentiful of iron and anti-oxidants. It is a red color dry fruit that comes with seed, or seedless options. However, you also need to note that they are high in calories in comparison to all other dry fruits. So, it is not advised to several dates at one go.

Are dates safe for Diabetes?

Now let us see how the things will be different for a diabetic. In diabetes, managing your sugar levels in the bloodstream is very important. They should stay away from high-sugar, and calorie dense food. In case of dates, they have sugar and calories in them, but also several essential nutrients that is beneficial for the health of a diabetic.

Depending on your blood sugar level, you should decide your intake. On an average level, a diabetic is allowed to include 10 % of total calories in their diet from sugar. If your blood sugar levels are controlled, then you can eat 3-4 dates a week.

So, when deciding your meal, be selective in choosing the healthy sugar sources and sticking to the 10% rule.  This will not cause spike in their blood sugar. However, if you see frequent fluctuations in blood glucose levels, and a poor production of insulin, then dates are not advised for you. In this way, you can safely include dates in your diabetes diet.

What is the best time to eat dates?

¼ cup of dates provides 100 calories. Since it is a dried fruit, it has more calories than what is present in fresh fruits. Due to reasonably high natural sugar content in it, the best time to eat dates is in breakfast. It will easily get metabolized, and provide you energy throughout the day.

Nutritional content of Dates

Dates are a superfood that is rich in insoluble, and soluble dietary fibers that stimulates gut health. It has abundance of copper, selenium, magnesium, potassium, and moderate levels of iron, manganese, calcium, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and phosphorus.

Due to natural sugar content, and good amounts of calories, dates also serve as a pre-workout food for people. Dates also have protein, vitamin B6, vitamin A and K, niacin in it that helps in enhancing overall health of a diabetic.

How do dates improves diabetes health?

Dates have high nutritional composition, each nutrient in dates offer health benefits that improves the health of a diabetic.

Selenium: It safeguards your body from oxidative stress that results in diabetic complications, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis.

Dietary Fiber: Dates have good amounts of dietary fiber in it that helps in reducing inflammation, and blood pressure in a person. Insoluble fiber aids in lowering the chances of Type 2 diabetes.

Iron: Iron aids in producing healthy RBC that are responsible to carry oxygen in the veins.

Vitamin B1: Thiamine, or Vitamin B1 safeguards you from nerve related damage that can happen to a diabetic.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin aids in promoting a healthy nerve system that is beneficial in the treatment of diabetic Neuropathy.

Vitamin A: Reduced eyesight is a common problem for a diabetic. Vitamin A fights against diabetic retinopathy in dates, and helps in improving vision.

Vitamin K: This vitamin activates calcium, and proteins that aids in clotting of the blood.

Copper: It reduces several biochemical issues such as protein damaging glycations, and increased tissue oxidation in people who suffer from diabetes.

Manganese: Manganese helps in the efficient regulation of the blood-sugar levels in the body.

Vitamin B5: Also called as Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B5 lowers the possibilities of commonly seen neurological issues and burning sensations in the feet in a diabetic.

Vitamin B2: Also called as Riboflavin, it helps in enhancing metabolism in the body, and keeps the nervous system in the best health.


Dates come with an abundance of nutrients like anti-oxidants, and iron. If your blood sugar levels are in controlled state, then diabetes can eat dates without issues. The high fiber, iron and anti-oxidants in dates will benefit the overall health of diabetes. Just eat this winter food in moderation to keep your blood sugar balanced.

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