Eating at night is always a dubious question with many answers. Whether or not you will eat at night really depends on your lifestyle and your body type. So basically, if you have a night job, you will obviously be eating at night because that is when you will be awake and need all the energy. Besides, this is the time when your metabolism is the fastest, because you are awake. It is equally true with all kinds of foods, including beans and legumes. However, there is a bit of extra caution associated with beans since they are rather more difficult to digest. But does that mean that we cannot eat beans at night at all? Let us find out.

can i eat beans at night

Yay and nay

Beans are tough to process, which means that they are likely to sit in your stomach for a longer period than the rest of your food. This means that they will ferment in your intestines, and leave you feeling bloated, thanks to the large amount of gas this will create inside you. Of course, this creates the very real problem of flatulence, which is again why eating beans at night might be okay and not okay at the same time. First of all, the indigestion and resultant flatulence might keep you awake all night. On the other hand, it is better to be flatulent at night when you are alone than when you are at work among a hundred other people.

Tough to process

The biggest contention about eating beans at night is that it is rather difficult for the body to process it, and hence, they are best eaten when the metabolism is at its highest power. That means at or around breakfast– even lunch will do just fine. However, as mentioned before, there is really no harm in eating beans at night, especially if you tend to stay awake at night and work; your metabolism will be fast and your body will thank you for the energy it gets. What you need to keep in mind is that the quantity must be moderate, and you must supplement it with ample vegetables and fruits.

High carb content

Yet another factor that will factor into this calculation is the fact that beans are pretty high in carbohydrate content. This means that eating beans at night, for dinner, will take your carb intake rather higher than might be actually helpful for you. On the other hand, however, if you have eaten in moderate quantities throughout the day and loaded your body up with fiber and proteins, then there is no harm in adding a little bit of carbohydrate to your diet through a handful of beans. You simply have to make sure that the quantity does not go over your recommended daily carb limit.

Beans are actually full of a bunch of essential nutrients, and are very good for your health. There is really no harm in eating them at night and even throughout the day, especially if you have an already healthy digestive system and do not suffer from indigestion. You simply must make sure that there is ample on your plate throughout the day to make up for the carbohydrate and provide you with all other necessary nutrients, and that you wash down your food with ample water.

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