There are a variety of foods that are associated with the boosting of metabolism. Usually, protein-rich items are some of the best foods you can include in your diet when you are on a mission to lose some pounds, and chicken is by far one of the best sources of protein. It does not matter when you are eating chicken because it will do its job of increasing your metabolism regardless of the time that it is consumed in. What is important to note here, therefore, is not the time when you are eating chicken, but the quantity you are consuming, and the kind of preparation you are going for. That being said, a bunch of foods is best avoided at night, when our metabolism is especially slow. Let us find out if the chicken is one of those.

can i eat chicken at night

Good for health and weight management

Ideally, whatever food you eat before dinner should not be too difficult to digest, and should help in increasing your metabolism. This is because our metabolism rates dip right after sundown, which means that the food that we eat after this either doesn’t get processed, leaving us highly bloated and uncomfortable or is simply transformed into fat. Chicken, which contains a high amount of protein and fiber and helps in increasing the metabolism by requiring more energy to be processed, will digest easier than other foods and will also increase your metabolism by a certain percentage. This will ensure that your food is digested even as you sleep so that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable cramps and difficult bowel movements in the morning.

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Depends on lifestyle

Our daily schedule depends on our lifestyles. Therefore, if you have very early morning shifts that leave you no time to work out in the mornings, and are too exhausted by the time you get back home in the afternoons, you will most likely be heading for the gym in the evening. Now, after a workout, there must be some protein intake. There are some small muscle wear and tears during a workout, and the only way to repair them fast is through protein intake. In that case, a small meal of chicken and vegetables will definitely be in order. Similarly, if you work in night shifts, you can of course safely eat some chicken at night, because you will need the energy and prone to keep you awake, and since you will be up all night, your metabolism will also adjust accordingly.

Simple preparations

Eating chicken at night is no big deal, but the preparation does matter a great deal. Eating spicy food at night will lower your metabolism rates even further, and you will be left feeling truly uncomfortable throughout the night and even in the morning. Try to avoid fried chicken at night as well because of the high sodium and oil content. It is best to stick to boiled or grilled chicken that is low in spice, oil, and sodium. Throw in an assortment of vegetables to make the dish even healthier and easier to digest.

Chicken is one of the most nutritious and most delicious food items. You can prepare them in a variety of ways, and have them as snacks and as a full meal. You can eat them any time of the day, and as sides, fillings, or simply by themselves. All you need to keep in mind is that your calorie intake doesn’t exceed your activity routine.

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