Can I eat Sprouts late at night?

Eating sprouts have long been known to be beneficial to one’s health; Chinese medicine is one of the few to recognize the health benefits of eating sprouts and have recommended the same to their customers.  The fact remains that sprouting have long been known to cure various disorders and even the famous James Cook ordered his sailors to consume sprout after there was an outbreak of scurvy on board. It is very easy to make the various legumes sprout, all you need to do is to soak them overnight and by morning, they should have all sprouted and now, you can use the same in your cuisine to get the various benefits. But if you were wondering about the various health benefits of eating sprouts and whether it is safe to consume the same at night, then do read on.

Can I eat Sprouts late at night?

Health benefits of eating sprouts

Sprouting is basically the process where grains, legumes and beans are soaked in a little water overnight and during the night, the spouting should take place. Most of the legumes, grains and beans should show fresh growth with a young shoot which is extremely nutritious and rich in various minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Here are some of the health benefits that you can expect from consuming sprouts.

  • Digestion and weight loss: Sprouts come with unusually high levels of living enzymes; these enzymes help facilitate the digestive process and even help in regulating your metabolism effectively. They also enable your digestive tract to soak up the various nutrients effectively. Given their impact on your metabolism, they help you to regulate your weight as well.
  • Blood circulation: Eating raw or cooked sprouts regularly can help purify your blood and even filter out the various toxins from your system, Sprouts are naturally abundant in both Iron and Copper both of which have an immediate and positive impact on your circulatory health.
  • Vitamin C: Sprouts are naturally loaded on Vitamin C and can help you combat various vitamin decencies from scurvy to others.

Side effects of eating sprouts

While consuming sprouts is indeed healthy, it should be noted that there are a few side effects that can arise from eating the same.

  • Food poisoning: Eating raw or partially cooked sprouts can cause you to experience food poisoning. This is why you may want to stick with eating cooked sprouts rather than eat them in the raw.
  • Various bacteria: The process of sprouting includes bacteria and there would naturally be some present in the sprouts. Furthermore, you should avoid giving sprouts to extremely young children or the elderly as their immune system is either underdeveloped or compromised.

Given all the facts listed above, you may want to stick to eating sprouts for breakfast or for lunch. Although there is no medical reason for you to avoid eating sprouts at night, it can still keep you up and prevent you from getting your beauty sleep and that’s why you may want to lay off the sprouts at night.