Cheese is a dairy byproduct, and possibly by far the most favorite one of the lot. Every culture around the world has a version of cheese that is loved and jealously guarded by its people, and cheese in some form or the other is used in the kitchens by ever cuisine. Here are many varieties of cheeses to choose from- soft cheeses, hard cheeses, well-matured cheeses, and cheeses made from the milk of different animals. In fact, such is its popularity that there are cheeses made from non-dairy alternatives, such as soy cheese, or the beloved tofu. We know that a drizzling or cheese can make any food taste better, and who wouldn’t love to eat cheese all day? But the fact is, like everything else, there are a right and a wrong time to eat cheese.

best time to eat cheese

For breakfast

The best time to eat cheese, of course, is in the mornings. This is the time when our metabolism needs to be kick-started, and a heavy morning meal will ensure just that. Besides, cheese is a heavyweight food, which means that it will give the body the energy it requires to wake up and begin the process of powering through the rest of the day. Eating a balanced meal of cheeses, fruits, and vegetables in the morning, along with plenty of water, will ensure that we become energetic, and remain full for a longer period, thus eliminating the need for mid-morning snacks. It is also easier for us to process the cheese with the strong digestion of the daytime, and expend the energy received by working throughout the day, thus preventing the accumulation of fat.

Not at night

Cheese should never be consumed at night unless your schedule requires you to stay awake routinely. Even then, consumption should be minimal. Our metabolism slows down at night, which means that we would find it difficult to process the cheese, which will leave us with indigestion and other gastric problems. Besides, there is little to no activity during the night, which means that the calories from the cheese will simply be turned into fat and stored for later use, not finding an avenue to use them as energy.

Always in moderation

Cheeses are loaded with proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, and fat, which are all highly necessary for our system to function. Getting less than recommended amounts of any of the aforementioned nutrients can lead to serious disorders, but that also means that overindulging in cheese will lead to an excess of those nutrients in our bodies. That will also, in turn, lead to severe malfunctioning of our immune system. So the best way to eat cheese is in small amounts.

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We know that cheese is very high in fat content. Even lean cheese contains a lot of fats, and while fats are necessary for our bodies, too much of it will only lead to unhealthy weight gain. Besides, much of the cheese that we eat today are processed, which means that they have a very high content of bad cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium. All of these can have very harmful effects on our health, leading to multiple complications of the cardiac and respiratory systems. The best option is to eat them in conjunction with other healthy foods loaded with fiber and vitamins.

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