Those gooey dark brown delight with the melt in your mouth taste and the soft kick off the cocoa aroma that hits your nostrils while your teeth affectionately nibble on its soft, delicate body has the quality to make you forget all worldly concerns, time being one of them. There are times when eating chocolate will give you best health results.

best time to eat chocolate

The Healthy Time For A Chocolate Binge

If chocolates and health in one sentence have already piqued your interest then you need to read on.

When you just need to calm your nerves? The stress is on the just of course. Anxiety, stress pre-mens trual mood swings can play havoc on your mental health. And yeah, when we are so worried about physical beauty why should we not pay attention to our mental sanity as well. Chocolates being rich in serotonin are great soothers. They calm you down. If, you are in the mood to shriek and scream. DON’T. Open a box of chocolate instead.

Moreover, for all the lovely ladies out there here’s some much needed good news. The prem enstrual period is the time when women’s metabolism increases a lot. Consumption of 500 calories in a day at that time is very much a valid proposition as the fat will get burned. So the calories coming out of a box of chocolates are a good idea for your premenstrual days.
Right After The Workout Session:

Intense workouts leave you incredibly sweaty. The sweat means a reduction in your glycogen level. These glycogens are the much needed stored carbohydrate in your body, and they help to keep the nutrient balance of your body steady. Glycogen is the source of energy and chocolates are a great source of refueling you with glycogen. Chocolates also help in muscle growth and recovery.
A word of caution when we say you can eat chocolate after exercise we mean moderate consumption is not eating up an entire bar of it.

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Exam Time, Munch on A Chocolate: Examinations may officially be the worst time of your life. But there is a silver lining in store. Chocolate consumption shows a significant boost to your cognitive ability. Hot cocoa drinks increase blood flow to the brain and are the best drink for building memory power. Chocolates are full of flavonoids which help in enhancing mental stamina. So, next time when you have an exam to take or just need to sound intelligent, raid the fridge for chocolates. If anybody asks why you know what your humble answer needs to be- It’s medicine for your brain. The fact that it tastes so good is just an addition, right?

For the Monalisa smile: Dark chocolates create endorphins in your brain. These enhance your happy feeling. The serotonin in chocolate, on the other hand, acts as an anti-depressant. So, the reason you felt so happy while eating chocolate was not the glee of your gluttony but the endorphins. Smiling is known as the best exercise then eating chocolate is exercising. Period.

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