What is the best time to eat cookies? Any time anyone offers you one, of course, right? Well, as tempting as that may sound, that statement cannot be farther from the truth. Although they can be made healthier by tweaking the ingredients list, cookies are, generally, considered unhealthy food, and therefore must be consumed at a specific time for the sake of our good health. True, they are best avoided, but that does not mean that you cannot indulge in the occasional cookie every now and then. The trick here is, like everything else, the exercising of moderation and prudence. So, without further ado, let us find out the best time to eat cookies.

best time to eat cookies

For breakfast

As a rule, there is no better time to eat cookies than the morning. Sure, that sounds like very bad advice. After all, the day should begin with a healthy, nutritious meal, shouldn’t eat? Yes, that’s totally true. We need to eat a breakfast that is filling and balanced, with the correct amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. All of these are essential for our health, even fat, without which we would have no energy reserve to help us power through the rest of the day. So where do cookies come into the equation?

Why at breakfast?

Breakfast is a matter of huge concern, and many scientific studies have been conducted testing its link to good health. People who have a proper breakfast enjoy an overall better health than those who don’t, and for good reason. The night is a long period of starvation for the body, and by morning, it is primed to receive all the nutrients and make good use of them. Besides, the rest of the day is ahead of us, so the calories received and stored are all burned up as energy as we go about our day. Eating a couple of cookies with this major meal will likely significantly minimize any negative impact. Besides, studies show that once you get this craving out of the way right in the morning, you are less likely to try to suppress it by filling up on other, unhealthier foods.

Avoid at night

So when should you mot eat the cookies? At night, of course. There is no bypassing the fact that our bodies slow down significantly at night. Responding to the primal requirement for sleep and preparing itself to go into hibernation mode. Only enough energy is used by the body at night to keep the vital functions going, which, understandably, do not require too much exertion. Our drastically slowed metabolism is not enough to process all the extra calories that a cookie provides, and all that is simply turned into stubborn fat.

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Cookies are great, no doubt. But they are also unhealthy. While eating them at breakfast is acceptable, we could always try to make it a healthier choice. Oats and banana cookies do not require any sugar at all, and are as healthy as cookies can get. If you have a particularly sweet tooth, you could try to opt for brown or palm sugar instead of the refined variety.

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