Dessert. The name says it all. It is the sweet something that goes into your mouth after you have eaten a hearty meal. All cultures have their own version of the dessert, each more diverse and more appealing than the last. What is common, though, is that there is a bit of sweetness to a dessert, at least. Today, here are many versions of the lower calorie dessert, which are delicious and refreshing as their richer cousins. And the dessert is no longer reserved as the post-dinner snack; today, they can be eaten at any time of the day, with a meal, after a meal, or simply by themselves as a mid-morning snack.

best time to eat dessert

Here, let us find out the right time to eat dessert.

After a meal

Most of us get a sweet craving after lunch, which is when a dessert comes in handy. A small bowl of ice cream or a piece of chocolate is enough to satisfy any post-meal craving, and, if you want to keep it healthy, a fruit salad will do just fine, too. Moreover, eating something sweet right after a meal makes sense in terms of health as well; dessert on an empty stomach will lead to a momentary but steep rise in blood sugar, while a full and healthy meal will offset the effects.

After lunch

Eating dessert after lunch is a good idea. A little extra something keeps you full for a longer period of time, and the little rise in blood sugar keeps you satiated enough to not reach for that unhealthy evening snack. Moreover, dessert for breakfast will provide you with an unhealthy blood sugar spike. Eating it after dinner is also not a god idea, confiding that the body doesn’t metabolize food well during the night.

When fatigued

A lot of physical work is always followed by a bout of extreme tiredness. This is a good time to eat something sweet, like a dessert, because this is the time when your body really needs that blood sugar spike to provide you with the necessary energy. A heavy workout session or long trek is a good time to follow up with some delicious dessert. All you need to do is ensure that the portions are small.

At a celebration

No celebration would ever be complete with some servings of delicious dessert. And this actually makes perfect sense; at a gathering, there is usually enough food to offset the calories gained from the dessert, and celebratory sweets don’t make you feel guilty about cheating on your diet. Besides, helping yourself to a dessert once in a while keeps the cravings at bay, and you don’t lapse into over-indulgence at any given point.

Dessert is truly food of the gods. But us mortals have to watch our waistlines and our health, which means we cannot indulge in these miracles of culinary science as and when we please. Dessert can be made healthier by adding fruit and natural sugar, which is a good option for, well, everyone. It is best to reserve the sinful creations for celebrations and stick to fruits and tea for the regular cravings.

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