Best time to eat donuts

The best time to eat a donut, we would all love to know, is any time during the day. After all, these wonderful sugar-filled treats covered with a topping of choice are positively delectable, and should only be consumed all the time to do them justice. But, even though we would love to come across the confirmation that doughnuts should be eaten 24 by 7, 365 days a year, the reality is far from it unfortunately). A doughnut is a very high fat treat, and if we try to have a doughnut as part of our regular diet, chances are that we will be running up a ridiculously high doctor’s bill due to the health complications that will inevitably arise from our food choices. But that of course does not mean that we will deprive ourselves forever from these unearthly delights. To know more about the right time to eat doughnuts, read on.

best time to eat donuts

For breakfast

Doughnuts are of course the classic American breakfast. Every American person’s childhood is filled with memories of going to the local breakfast place to dig into a wide variety of doughnuts. And while the rest of the world might frown upon the idea of consuming high calorie, sugar-laden foods first thing in the morning, there is no need to be disheartened. Recent studies actually suggest that the morning is actually the best time to eat heavy foods. Some researchers at the Texas A&M University recently declared that the body is most suited to receive high calorie, high fat foods in the morning, right after the long period of starvation it goes through during the night. The calories are quickly transformed into energy, which is in turn expended through the activities undertaken throughout the day.

For lunch

Lunch is, typically, a very good time to eat a doughnut. We all crave a sugar rush when we are done with lunch, and eating a bit of sweet after a heavy lunch slows down our metabolism and prevents gastric distress of any kind. Besides, this midday meal should be satisfying and calorie laden, thanks to the fact that we still have the lion’s share of the day ahead of us. A doughnut has a lot of carbohydrates in the form of the bread that forms its base, and of course there is a lot of sweet in the form of the jelly, chocolate, or peanut butter topping. The carbohydrates and the sugar together will provide you with ample energy to make it through the rest of the day. The sugar will also serve the purpose of satisfying you, and you will be less likely to be plagued by the phantom hunger that makes you reach for a bunch of more unhealthy snacks.

Avoid at night

The night is probably the worst time to eat a doughnut. The body’s metabolism slows down considerably, and there is no activity that will use up all the energy crated by the high sugar content. All that sugar is thus quickly transformed into fat by the body, and slowly builds up in the body.

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There is no harm in eating a doughnut once a week. Opt for the low sugar versions, or at least try not to sprinkle extra sugar on top. After all, goodness knows we all deserve a bit if sweetness just to reward ourselves for getting out of bed some mornings.