Water is our life and without it we cannot survive. Thus, water is of utmost importance for us. Water is required by the body to perform several functions and other metabolic activities of the body. So, adequate amount of water should be consumed at required intervals to suffice the water needs of the body.

best time to drink water

Appropriate Times to Drink Water:

There are some of the best times when water should be consumed to provide maximum benefits to the body. Water can simply be consumed whenever one feels like to have water but there are some of the best times to drink water which are as described below.

  • Drinking water is necessary when one gets up:

One should drink one or two glasses of water after one gets up from the bed in the morning which helps in the activation of all the internal organs of the body. The circulatory system of our body needs fluid to get rid of the free radicals that are difficult to move and the residue from the calories that are burned during the metabolism at night.

  • Drinking water before a meal:

Having a glass of water before every meal makes the stomach hydrated, wakes up the taste buds and moisturizes the inner lining of the stomach so that foods that are acidic in nature do not cause uncomfortable. Overall, the water plays a vital role in the aiding of the complete process of digestion.

  • Drinking water before a workout:

It is best to have one or two glasses of water before a session of workout or exercise which depends upon the temperature, humidity and the fluid levels of the body. This prevents the body from dehydration during the session of the workout. The hydration of the body is extremely essential for the prevention of heat strokes in the warm temperature and for prevention of frostbite in cold temperature. Thus, the circulation of the body plays a protective role in the extremes of the temperature conditions which needs water for its proper function.

  • Drinking water after a workout:

Not only drinking water before a session of workout is best but also drinking water is best after a vigorous session of workout since the body loses all fluids when one perspires during the exercising period. Thus, water is essential to replenish the loss.

  • Drinking water when one is tired

Drinking water when one is tired is one of the best times to drink water. Fatigue is actually one of the signs of dehydration. At times when one is extremely tired a glass of water quickly travels through the body and ultimately reach the brain to give a little boost to one’s body.

  • Drinking water before taking bath:

It is one of the best times to have a glass of water before a bath which helps one to avoid high blood pressure.

  • Drinking water before going to bed:

Drinking a glass of water, just best before going to the bed helps to avoid heart attacks and strokes.

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Thus, water should be consumed at the best times to get the maximum benefits out of it.

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