The Right Time For You To Snack On Grapes

A very popular fruit, grapes originated 8,000 years ago and were first cultivated in the Middle East. It is considered to be the ‘The Queen of Fruits.’ Grapes come in different colors (red, green, blue or black) and different varieties (with seeds and without seeds). Seventy-two million tons of grapes are produced worldwide, and the majority of it is used to produce wine. Grapes are given the status of superfood as the potential health benefits of grapes are many.

best time to eat grapes

The best time for grapes is in the morning:

For any fruit, the best time to eat them is in the morning. Grapes have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and come with immunity-boosting vitamin C. The simple sugar in grapes provides us with instant energy which is a must in the morning.  Grapes are also high in water content this will help to keep you hydrated all throughout the day and consuming grapes early in the morning will ease your bowel movements and help in digestion. The fiber content is high in grapes which additionally help in case of constipation. Mixing grapes with yogurt will give you a wholesome food that you can eat for your breakfast. The sugar content of grapes is negligible and that too it has no fat content so munching on grapes in the morning will give you the right boost of energy without adding on to your waistline.

As the last snack of the day:

Grapes contain sleep-regulating hormone melatonin so having them just before going to bed can be ideal for a good night’s sleep. Grapes boost the natural sleep-wake cycle in the body. If you happen to suffer from insomnia and find it hard to fall asleep then consuming grapes at night will help you to fall asleep easily.

Substitute your sweet cravings with grapes:

If you are a sweet lover and cannot do without a dessert after a meal, bite on a grape instead. Grapes contain no fat, and 100 g (3.5 oz) of grapes will contain only 70 calories. But do remember, eating grapes after a meal is just to satiate your sweet craving do not over eat on grapes as that will do you no good.

Before a hard exercising routine:

Grapes have high water content and good sugar in them. This will keep you hydrated and also the fructose content of grapes will provide the much-needed glucose content in the body for a workout session. Consuming a few grapes will not weigh down your body and will keep you feeling light this is a  must for pre-exercise diet as food that makes you feel heavy will lessen your energy level and will shorten your exercise routine.

Grapes are high on the health factor and are great for your heart and colon. They are able to prevent genes that promote tumor growth in the colon and support the functioning of heart by relaxing blood vessels to maintain smooth blood flow, adding grapes to your diet is, therefore, a good idea.

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