Know the right time to bite on a Guava

The strong guava may come in a small round shape, but there is no denying the massive benefits of the fruit. Studded with calcium, the humble green fruit corrodes the idea of healthy food tastes bad; super healthy and super tasty the fruit is a must for your diet and health charts.

best time to eat guava

Biting into a fruit is a good thing to do at any given point of time, but Guava with its strong water content is best eaten in the morning. Also, it is important to eat fruits before your breakfast, not with your breakfast. Fruits should be consumed on an empty stomach as this will not only make you less hungry and therefore less likely to overeat but also acts as a warm up for your digestive system so that it works just fine during the meal. Guava is filled with water content, and it is in the morning only that our body needs enough water to overcome dehydration that has taken place through the course of the night, so munching on a guava before breakfast will exponentially further the benefit of the fruit.

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The fructose in Guava gives the body immediate energy. If you are exercising, biting on a guava pre or post workout is a good idea. For those who needs to spend long hours under the sun for work purpose, Guava is your best ally. The magic fruit will give you water to stay hydrated, calcium and sugar to upkeep your energy and will keep your food cravings satisfied. The fruit is very light on your stomach, and for tropical countries where the heat is high Guava consumption balances the hit and keeps the body fresh and light.

Guava is not only fruit, but it is also a powerhouse of nutrients. Here are a few situations where consuming Guava is a must.

For Skin protection: Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Lycopene and antioxidants, Guava is great for your skin, and regular consumption of the fruit will internally heal your skin and maintain healthy mucous membranes.  The fruit comes filled with Manganese and Potassium nutrients. Manganese aids in absorbing proper nutrients from the food we intake while potassium normalizes blood pressure levels. Guava is also perfect for keeping your skin hydrated as it contains 80% water and is therefore consumed in large quantity in tropical climate areas.

For mother to be: Guava prevents neural tube defects and is highly advisable for consumption in times of pregnancy. The fruit is rich in calcium and makes bones stronger. For women consumption of guava would prevent osteoporosis from setting in, a disease mostly prevalent amidst the female gender.

For preventing cancer: Beta-carotene is present in Guava, which is known as a cancer preventer. The Pink Guava especially is rich in lycopene that protects the skin from UV rays and mitigates chances of skin cancer. Guava also prevents prostate cancer as it is rich in antioxidants like lutein and cryptoxanthin.

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