The idea of eating hemp seeds for breakfast might raise some serious eyebrows, or lead to a case of the high fives, depending on which group of the population you belong to. That is because you probably know hemp as an herb in the same group as the cannabis, or marijuana.

You are probably wondering whether this post of all about getting high and feeling good, what with all its talk about hemp, but the fact is that hemp and marijuana, although of the same species, are actually two different things. At least 12 known varieties of hemp are grown as food, and the seeds are quite pleasant to taste in their nuttiness. In this article, let us debunk the myths surrounding hemp seeds and discus when and how you should eat them.

best time to eat hemp seeds

Anytime of the day

The great thing about hemp seeds is that you can actually eat them any time of the day, and with anything. The hemp seeds that you buy in the grocery stores are actually the soft hearts that lie inside the hard seed kernels of the hemp plant. Thanks to their nutty taste and great nutritional value, you can add a spoonful of hemp seeds to almost anything. Add them to your breakfast yogurt, pasta, sandwiches, and even mix them in your smoothie for a twist in the taste buds.

For breakfast

Hemps seeds have great nutritional value, and there is no better time than the morning to get the most nutrient dense foods into your body. In the morning, our bodies are hungry for food after a long period of fasting during the night, and will eagerly absorb anything that it gets. Metabolism is also very high in the morning, plus you have a long day of hard work ahead of you, so the calories ingested during breakfast are easily burned. Hemp seeds contain an ample amount of protein, which is essential to provide you with energy; therefore, having a spoonful or two of hemp seeds in the morning will keep you looking alive for a considerable part of the day.

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Lifestyle change

Hemp seeds have a very high content of protein. Besides, they have the unique property of containing all the nine essential amino acids that we need but are not prepared by our bodies. This is very rare in plant based foods, and this property makes hemp seeds a very good addition to the daily diet of one who has adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet. The body needs proteins and amino acids, and hemp seeds are a good source of both.

Around a workout

The presence of protein also makes hemp seeds an idea food before and after a workout. We need a lot of energy while working out, and energy is created by proteins. Protein also helps in repairing tissues and promotes tissue regeneration, which is a cyclic process that occurs during a workout session. Thus, it is a very good idea to have something mixed with hemp seeds right before and after an exercise session.

Hemp seeds are in general very healthy. However, if you feel any discomfort at all after eating them, stop immediately, or at least reduce your intake. If problems persist, consult a doctor.

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