The most ardent of health nuts among us might have missed out on the horse gram. This humble legume has maintained a very low profile as human food for a very long time. As the name suggests, it is popularly used to feed horses, race horses in particular. That alone should provide an insight into the kind of power these tiny legumes pack. It is a tropical crop, grown mostly in arid regions, which explains its availability in Southeast Asia and the tropical parts of Africa.

best time to eat horse gram

The humble horse gram is becoming more popular as the world gets more health conscious. Here, let us find out how we can best reap the benefits from this legume.

Eat it for breakfast

Horse grams are full of proteins and bunch of other essential nutrients, such as iron, calcium, carbohydrates, and starch. They are, thus, great as breakfast foods. Mix them up with your morning oatmeal for a savory version of the breakfast cereal. Remember to boil them first, or at least soak them overnight. The long period of fasting during the night makes your body hungry for nutrients, and you will be able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrition at breakfast. Besides, the high protein and carbohydrate content will keep you full till lunch if you eat a healthy amount, and you will not be tempted to reach for sinful mid-morning snacks.

Eat it for lunch

The horse gram is a perfect item for lunch. Pack in a salad made of vegetables and a generous helping of boiled horse grams, and you will be set with a healthy and delicious lunch menu. Throw in some sautéed chicken on the side, and follow up the meal with some fruits for dessert, and you will be proud of your healthy lifestyle. It will be the same as it was with breakfast; it is high in calories without any of the fat, and will keep you full till late evening. Besides, the high protein will also provide you with ample energy, so you will not feel exhausted as the day goes on.

Around a workout

If you are on a strict exercise regimen, eating horse grams will facilitate reaching your goal. Of course, make sure you are eating the amount that is in keeping with your weight goal; if you are going for an athletic figure, your intake of horse grams will be different from the bodybuilder. Either way, eating some horse grams before or after a workout is beneficial. You need a lot of energy to carry through a stringent workout session, and these legumes will give you that. Besides, the muscles suffer small wear and tears during a workout, and the high protein content will speed up the process of repair.

Although not much of it has been explored so far, we do know by now that the horse gram is a veritable superfood; the US National Academy of Sciences have gone so far as to cite it as a potential future food. The horse gram packs in a lot of protein and a variety of other nutrients highly essential for healthy human survival. Whatever our health goals are, it is prudent to jump on the horse gram bandwagon.

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