Ice cream- that wonderful scoop of creamy, gooey goodness we cannot get enough of. Seriously, we all know all about the high fat content and the oodles of sugar, but which of us would not want sinful bites of brownies and ice cream all day long? Yet, it’s sad but true that there is actually a time to eat ice cream, and that is not when you are down in the dumps or PMS-ing or both. Let’s find out when you should actually eat this yummy dish.

best time to eat ice cream

During the day

Like all other high calorie food, ice cream is best eaten some time during the day. You can have some for breakfast and for lunch, when your metabolism is high. Avoid eating any at dinner or as a midnight snack, as this is the time when you usually sleep, and your body will not burn off the calories you consume.

At breakfast

Most of our breakfast foods contain some form of sugar in some amounts. That is because sugar plays a role in waking us up and firing us with instant energy. This is also the time when our metabolism is pretty fired up after a long rest, so you will get the energy from the yummy breakfast, and your body will burn off the calories, preventing fat accumulation. The good mood is a bonus of course.

For lunch

Lunch is usually when we have a pretty heavy meal, complete with fiber, healthy fats, and ample liquid. So, ice cream as a dessert is not a bad idea after this meal, as a sweet dish nicely tops off the meal, and the fiber and good fats will help in balancing all the unhealthy calories.

Three days a week rule

No matter how great ice cream tastes, it is best to limit consumption to three days a week at the most. And by three days, we mean three times, distributed over the week. Take one moderate sized scoop each time. Ice cream contains high amounts of sugar and hydrogenated fats, and the cows are often injected with hormones to increase milk production. Add some fruit to the ice cream bowl to make the dish a little healthier.

In sickness

Depending on the kind of sick you are, ice cream is a great meal when you are feeling under the weather. In fact, a sore throat likes nothing better than cool, creamy, and soft ice cream sliding down its length. Ice cream is, in fact, one of the most popular comfort foods around the world, and provides the necessary calories and vitamins at times when you are unlikely to eat much. Which is probably why dentists recommend ice cream after you have had dental surgery of any kind.

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All year round

Summer, of course, is traditionally the best time to beat the sun with a bowl of ice cold ice cream. However, winter is a popular choice too; ice creams feel wonderful when you are cozily wrapped in a blanket.

Ice cream aficionados- i.e. the whole world- will insist that there is no wrong time to eat ice cream. Sadly, no matter how much we want it to be true, that is not really the case. Like everything else in life, ice cream too comes with its own baggage, which means we simply cannot dig into it willy-nilly.

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