The Best Time To Eat Jaggery

What comes to your mind if you start recalling your childhood memories of the winter season? Cold weather, the pleasure of tripping around and of course the food!

The yummilicious winter dishes mostly leave everyone in lip smacking stage. A faint image of trying out special winter sweets and snacks are also knocking inside your mind. Oh yes, the greatness of Gur cannot be surpassed by anything. The out of the world taste still reminds us of the joy of taking it out from Mamma’s bowl ‘whenever she was out of the pantry. The jaggery is more like the VIP food item of every family as most of the family members set their eyes on this delicacy.

best time to eat jaggery

The jaw-dropping history of jaggery:

Jaggery which is universally known as “Gur” in India has various names as well. From the eastern part to west of the country; people like to address it in different names. At the end of the day, the indication will be on the jaggery itself, the coarse sugar which people will get from unrefined sugar cane. There are few other ways to make jaggery as well. The date palm and the sap of coconut can easily be used for this purpose at any time. Sugarcane pulp is most common and best plan to create jaggery at any time. The predominance of jaggery mostly can be seen in the winter season. Be it in the morning or after supper it is a must have delicacies among Indians. This gur keeps a person fit and healthy as well if you start consuming it twice a day after finishing off your main course. There are various benefits of consuming jaggery at least during the winter season.

The benefits of gud are listed below. Go through it carefully to know more about the advantages of this jaggery. That is why Gud is always meetha (sweet), and it will be sweeter after knowing the facts.

  • Cure the constipation

Jaggery puts emphasis to heal the digestive problem at first, which is going to take care of constipation related problem.

  • Detoxification of liver

Eating jaggery is the best way to clean your internal purification. This is the most inexpensive way to detoxify your body parts.

  • Fight with flu

Those who have a tendency to fall ill often; they must include this jaggery to their menu as it helps to fight against chronic flu.

  • Keeps menstrual pain under control

Beauties, please do not say no to Gud if you want to have pain free periods. This miracle is also possible if you consume jaggery regularly.

  • Enemy of Anaemia

Nowadays it is rare to find out a person without blood deficiency. In that case do not feel shy from tasting away this jaggery after finishing off your meal.

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A myth that is totally false

Since childhood, we need to listen to the fatty elements present in delicious products. This jaggery is highly recommended to shed out your unwanted weight. So say yes to jaggery forever!