Best time to eat beef jerky

Beef jerky is a ubiquitous item in almost everyone’s refrigerator. These pieces of cured and salted meat, often with flavors accentuated with various spices and other condiments, are extremely tasty food stored by almost everyone. Beef jerky was probably invented by the Native Americans hundreds of years ago in an effort to preserve the meat for the winter and for other times when hunting did not procure ample food. Today, modern manufacturers use heat and salt to dry and keep the meat from spoiling. It has been present in modern kitchens for a long time. In recent times, however, beef jerky has been receiving considerable attention from both yaysayers and naysayers. Let’s see if we should eat beef jerky, and if so, when.

best time to eat beef jerky

On a weight watchers’ regimen

Modern research has shown that beef jerky is, indeed, quite nutritious. It is made almost entirely of meat if you do not count the salt and occasional spices. This means that it is chock full of proteins. This makes beef jerky an extremely important food to have if you are on a weight loss and muscle gain route. Whether you are a bodybuilder, an athlete, or simply someone who is looking to shed a couple of extra pounds, beef jerky will be an extremely useful snack for you. Of course, it will not replace the proper, healthy foods you need to eat on your diet, but it will certainly be much better than a bunch of fast food you might otherwise indulge in.

After a workout

Beef jerky is a great food to have right after a workout session. As mentioned before, beef jerky is made almost entirely of meat, which means that it is full of high levels of protein. During each workout, there is some amount of wear and tears in the muscles, which need to be repaired so that the body is able to continue to take the stress of the rigorous workouts. This repeating is undertaken only by the proteins of the body, and thus, regular and ample intake of protein is extremely important. Therefore, having a bit of beef jerky right after a workout will be beneficial, along with a generous helping of vegetables and fruits.

As a snack

One of the great things about beef jerky is that it is extremely convenient. It can be bought in pre-packed packets from the store, and you only need to store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They will stay intact for months on end. You don’t even need to cook the jerky, although nothing is stopping you from doing so. For this reason, they are extremely convenient to have around when you are in a hurry and feeling hungry and don’t really want to order in and wait for the food to arrive. You can simply snack on the jerky anytime you are feeling a bit peckish, and not worry too much about unhealthy consequences. At any rate, beef jerky is still a lot healthier than the other snacks you might be tempted to reach for.

Beef jerky is a truly versatile and tasty snack. But, it is important to remember, for all the benefits they offer, they are still a snack and must be treated as such. Do not overindulge in them because they are processed and contain a lot of salt.