Best time to eat junk food

Well, we are all crazy about junk food and even though we wish it were not the case, which happens to be the truth. The reality is that junk food is not good for our respective bodies, but that does not seem to stop us craving French fries again, does it? Chances are that some of us already consume junk food on the sly.

best time to eat junk food

If you are planning on eating junk food on the sly, then you should know that a group of Texas A&M researcher recently discovered that the best time to eat junk food was in the morning on or before 10 am. Since you would be consuming a dish loaded on trans-fats, it is a good idea to have it part of your morning breakfast than part of some other meal during the day. Consuming Junk food in the morning enables you to burn it off quickly and at the same time, makes sure that you do not experience any inflammation as a result of the Junk binge. This is not to imply that it is okay to eat junk food daily, in the mornings but rather just saying that if you are going to eat those French fries, you are better off doing it in the morning as opposed to the rest of the day. If you needed more reasons as to why you should avoid junk food, read on.

Diabetes: Junk food is often loaded on sugars and trans-fats; that’s a deadly combination. And that’s also the reason why you would end up bulking, by consuming junk food regularly. And as you become obese, your body may soon find it next to impossible to control your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, this can cause a variety of other health conditions and can even cause you to suffer a stroke. That’s why you need to make sure that you monitor your blood sugar levels regularly and make sure that they are normal.

Nitrates: Various studies have shown that consuming food loaded with nitrates can help cause cancer. But most junk food contains a certain amount of nitrates which is not exactly healthy for anyone.

Rich in sugar: Processed foods are high on sugar, which makes them one of the main culprits behind the recent spurt in diabetes cases worldwide.

Artificial food coloring and other artificial agents: Junk food is often loaded with various artificial agents, to enhance color, flavor, and taste. These artificial agents can cause your body to react in various ways and have even known to be instrumental in causing certain health conditions.

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These are some of the reasons why you may want to do a rethink when it comes to junk food. It is a good idea to quit eating junk food altogether. Granted you may want to start off with small steps but you should be able to avoid junk food altogether in a week or so. Just remember that by eating junk food you are only adding calories to your waistline.