The green fruit is a delight to eat but the benefits of Kiwi are much greater than its taste, and for those who spends an hour on looking perfect and worries so much about their skin condition and aging Kiwi is your answer to all problems. Have a kiwi daily either in the morning or an hour before going to bed, and this wonder food will make you look beautiful and healthy without the need of those expensive makeup products and nutrient supplement you spent a fortune on.

best time to eat kiwi

Eat a Kiwi, first thing in the morning: Early morning and an empty stomach is the best time to eat any fruit especially having a Kiwi, first thing in the morning is an excellent idea as it maintains the digestive processes of the body. Some of the benefits of having Kiwi early in the morning are that it will detoxify your system first thing in the morning. An empty stomach which is not laden with carbohydrate or protein will not disrupt your digestive system and allow the nutrients benefits of Kiwi, the vitamins and the minerals, to be fully absorbed by your digestive system. Rather than extracting juice out of the fruit it is better to have the whole fruit. The fiber content of any fruit is good for health as the fiber contains lots of minerals that will provide you with a day’s energy.

For your diet program make Kiwi an essential must have item: Kiwi is filled with Vitamin C. If you are looking for a way to lose weight have a Kiwi with a glass of water after you wake up in the morning. Kiwi provides you with required energy and helps in weight loss. The vitamin C in Kiwi enhances digestibility and acts as a fat blocker. The energy quotient in Kiwi will make sure that fatigue does not strike your body. For those who suffer from constipation eating Kiwi in the morning will clear your digestive problems.

As an anti-aging fashion diet: Kiwi and water diet is also good for skin as it makes skin look more shiny and beautiful and helps to slow down the physical aging process of our skin. One kiwi contains 40 micrograms of antioxidant beta-carotene, fat-soluble vitamin E, and phytonutrients that protect our cells from any radical damage. The impressive antioxidant properties of the fruit are great for getting a perfect anti-aging product that will improve skin radiance, reduced fine lines and remove dark circles from under the eyes.

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For a good night’s sleep: A good sleep can do wonders for your body, but bad sleeping pattern not only worsens your concentration and mental power but can also be the source of many ailments that you regularly suffer from. Having Kiwi an hour before sleeping at night can significantly improve sleep onset, duration, and efficiency. This is especially important for those who suffer from insomnia as having Kiwi an hour before bedtime can better your chances of falling asleep.

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