Best time to eat meat

Meat is one of the primary sources of protein, one of the essential nutrients required for all mammals to survive. But meat is a nutrient-dense food, and because of this, it is best to eat meat in moderate proportions. It is also important to know which kind of meat to eat in accordance to your body’s requirements. Eating meat with all the meals of the day will not be a good idea since it can lead to increased cholesterol, uric acid, and lead to a variety of other ailments. The best thing to do would be to consult a dietician, especially if you already have some health complications.

best time to eat meat

For breakfast

The first meal of the day is the best time to consume most healthy foods. The long period of fasting during the night leaves the body empty of nutrients, and it is naturally a time when the body absorbs most nutrients from the food that you eat. Eating something rich in protein, like a few slices of meat, will alleviate your hunger pangs efficiently. Besides, meat is full of fiber, which takes time to digest and will therefore keep you full for a longer time. But it is best to eat some lightly cooked meat in a sandwich, or maybe in a healthy salad, than to opt for fried bacon and ham. It’s the morning, and your body is ready to absorb everything, so it is likely it will also absorb all the unhealthy fats from the bacon and oil.

For lunch

Eat is the perfect accompaniment for lunch. Pack yourself some rice and a healthy side of chicken and vegetables, and you are good to go. By the time we usually have lunch, our energy levels start to drop, and we tend to feel more tired and a lot less productive. Eating a healthy, filling lunch consisting of meat, vegetables, and a bit of fruit helps us to regain our lost energy, and keeps us going till late evening. However, make sure you are eating healthy lean meats like chicken and not too much of beef or bacon in order to keep your lunch nice and healthy.

On a diet

Lean meats like chicken have a lot of fiber content, high calories, and healthy fats. They help in boosting the metabolism process, which in turn helps in weight loss. And this is if you are looking to lose some weight. Meat can also help you gain weight if taken in greater quantities. The protein in meat is essential for building muscle, and it is an irreplaceable part of the diet if you are looking to gain more muscle strength, for instance if you are a bodybuilder, a athlete, or simply someone who has difficulty gaining weight.

During winter

It is well known that meat takes time to burn, and gives off a lot of energy in the process, helping you stay warm. As such, it is a great item to eat in the cold winter months. This is the time of the year when you can indulge in your favorite meats like pork, beef, and bacon, and not limit yourself to white meat only. Of course, keep in mind that you really cannot eat too much of red meats even in winter as that might lead to other health complications.

Not in the evening

Evening is usually the worst time to maintain any healthy eating related resolution. This is the time when the lunch is usually almost digested, and the hunger pangs begin to make themselves felt. Dinner is still some time away, and we naturally tend to reach for some kind of fast food; for most of us, that usually means a burger or a hot dog. First of all, it is never a good idea to eat processed meats; they contain very little fiber and a lot of preservatives that actually make them detrimental to health. Besides, filling up on an evening snack means we miss out on an important meal of the day, dinner, which in turn translates to a longer time for the body to go without food.

Like everything else, how much meat you eat and when will depend on your ultimate goal. For instance, if you are a bodybuilder aiming for the right kind of muscles and strength, your meat intake will be different from the pregnant woman. Again, if you are an athlete, your meat intake will be different in terms of quantity and time. At any rate, while it is imperative that you add some form of meat in your diet, it is equally important to know the amount and the time to eat it.