Muesli, as we all know, is the perfect weight loss food. Now a healthy weight loss program involves cutting down calories, not essential nutrients. Muesli is great for this purpose; you can mix and match it with a bunch of fruits to get a lot of the essential nutrients, you will eat healthily, and you will also stay full by not skimping on portion sizes and not going hungry for long periods. Most of us eat muesli only in the morning, as breakfast, but very little of us know that this cereal is actually highly versatile and can be eaten anytime during the day. Yes, you read that right.

best time to eat muesli

At breakfast

Breakfast, of course, is the time when we all eat muesli. It is usually the go-to cereal for most of us who watch their weight like a hawk. It is easy to prepare; all you need to do is throw in some low-fat milk or chopped up fruits and seeds. You can even make an overnight jar of some muesli and have it cold in the morning. It’s filling, healthy, full of energy, and the perfect way to start the day.

At lunch

Lunch on a weight loss program should not be a skimpy affair. The goal is not to skip meals or go hungry, but to lose weight he healthy way, by taking in the required amount of calories and of course the essential amount of all the nutrients. The idea of a good lunch is to be full for a long time afterword so that we do not feel the craving to reach out for some snacks a few hours after lunch, which is the time when most of us tend to put unhealthy foods into our bodies. A lunch of muesli, therefore, is absolutely perfect. Muesli is light yet filling; it digests easily and does not sit in your stomach, so you don’t feel uncomfortable. It contains a much of proteins, antioxidants omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, and fibers. Instead of mixing it with milk, make a delicious salad with some fruits, nuts and seeds. Of course, have a side of rice and vegetables or meat to balance your food intake. Add some yogurt to the muesli to cut down on the sweetness, and if you want, you can eat it for dessert.

At dinner

The best time to eat dinner is sometime around sunset. Our metabolism dips a lot after sundown, which means we are slow to process foods that we would normally digest fast enough during the day. Planning a dinner sometime right before or right after sunset will help us process the food easily, and thus eliminate the risk of putting on weight. And to get more benefits out of this routine, the best thing to do is, of course, have a frugal dinner, and muesli fits the bill just perfectly. It is a very light meal and can be digested very easily as well, irrespective of the time of the day. Besides, it is customizable, which means you can add to it as suits your mood and requirement. Throw in some fruits to improve digestion, or, if you are planning to work late, simply soak the muesli in some low-fat milk.

Muesli is an amazing gift of nature. It is easy to make, and it is delicious. You can eat it as a snack, as a side dish, as a dessert, or simply as a snack, all by itself. Put it in yogurt or make a trail mix with some nuts and seeds, you simply cannot go wrong with muesli.

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