Best time to eat muskmelon

We are well aware that muskmelons are the superfoods of summer. These soft, succulent fruits are filled with a slightly sweet pulp that is refreshing to the extreme and caters to almost every taste. They are also great as smoothies and as toppings to ice creams to make your desserts less guilty. And that is not all; muskmelons are also packed full of numerous nutritional benefits that make them essential for every diet. However, like everything else, muskmelons should also be consumed at the right time and with proper caution, lest they cause more harm than good. Read on to find out what is the best time to eat muskmelons.

best time to eat muskmelon

As dessert after lunch

Muskmelons are fruits found in the summer and are essential for the summer diet. In regions with a lengthy and/or extremely hot summer season, muskmelons make a welcome addition to the dessert plate. The heat of summer renders the digestive system weaker than usual, and it is not uncommon for people to feel the heat in their metabolism. Many people fall susceptible to the perils of summer and as a result experience a bunch of digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, acidity, and heartburn. Muskmelon helps to soothe the digestive system, and a few bites of the fruit after a hearty meal, which is usually lunch, will certainly help you process your food better.

As breakfast

Muskmelons are low in calories, but quite high in fiber and water content. This makes them an excellent choice for breakfast; thanks to the fiber and water, they will certainly help you stay full for a longer period so that you will be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks in the middle of the morning. Besides, the sugar content, although not very high, will certainly keep you energized, which will also help in keeping the feelings of phantom hunger that strike when the body is low on energy, at bay. Add a few pieces to your morning oats and yogurt, or simply make a smoothie with some other fruits and nuts thrown in.

As dessert after dinner

At night, our digestive system slows down considerably, which renders us unable to process very heavy foods. Fruits are usually good at night since they contain a balanced mix of fiber and water, both of which enable us to process the meal easier.

Muskmelons are ideal for a summer night; they are soothing for the system, and will certainly boost our metabolism which takes a greater hit in the summer nights. Make sure that you do not add extra sugar on top of the fruits to make them tastier as that will only leave your body with the excess energy it cannot expend, and hence will certainly store as fat. A small bowl of fruit salad will be just right, with muskmelons as the primary ingredient in the recipe.

There are many things we can do with muskmelons. These are bland in taste with a sweet undercurrent, which makes them pretty versatile. You can, of course, eat them as they are, with maybe some brown sugar sprinkled on top. Add them to your yogurt or ice cream, or even use them as toppings for a light cake.