Pasta is the staple food in multiple cultures. But today, as we are becoming more health conscious and are learning the good and bad of different kinds of food, this innocuous food has come under much criticism. While no one outright rejects pasta, there is some skepticism about consuming it on a daily basis. But, like every other healthy food, pasta is something that can be consumed harmlessly as long you check the time and portion.

best time to eat pasta

What is the nutrient index?

Pasta is usually made from semolina flour, although you also have a considerable number of whole wheat and multigrain pasta variants as well. But irrespective of the basic ingredient, all pasta is very high in carbohydrates. In fact, you can say that carbs are the principal nutrients in pasta. And no matter what one says about going carb free, it cannot be denied that they are extremely important for the proper functioning of the body. In excess, however, they can be extremely dangerous. What is important here, therefore, is to control your portion size, and try to minimize the impact the carb intake will have on your body by adding other nutrients to the dish.

Eat it for breakfast

That being said, what is the best time to have pasta? The answer is simple once you know the best time to eat carbs. Now, carbs are rather difficult to process, and break down almost exclusively into sugar. So, we definitely need carbs, and the sugar that comes from it, to maintain our blood glucose levels and generate energy to get through the day. So, the best time to eat pasta would be in the morning. A cold pasta salad is a perfect breakfast in the morning. Add to it some yogurt and chopped vegetables, and some nuts and seeds for a punch of protein. You will have a delicious start of the day and will be full enough until lunch to not reach out for tempting, unhealthy snacks.

Eat it for lunch

Lunch is also a great time to have some pasta. Indulge in a warm pasta dish, with a generous helping of vegetables and leans meats thrown in to make the dish as delicious as it is healthy. The meats and vegetables will supply you with the necessary nutrient, and will also supply the fiber that will make up for the carbohydrate intake. This way, you will stay full until dinner, and a small and healthy evening sack will do just fine.

Avoid it for dinner

Dinner, however, is when you should skip pasta altogether unless of course you work in night shifts or plan to stay up for a long time. The carbs in pasta will break down into sugar, and with no work being done in which to use up the sugar as energy, almost all of it will be converted to fat. Even if you have to stay awake, or if you simply must have a pasta dinner, keep it light with maybe a pesto sauce and some grilled chicken or fish.

The thing about pasta is that it comes with a great number of positive points. First of all, it is easy to cook; if you don’t want to buy the regular pasta and go down the whole boiling them and chopping vegetable road, you can always bank upon the ready to eat versions. Besides, they are incredibly filling. And last, but certainly not the least, pasta is incredibly versatile; almost every culture around the world has its own version of pasta, and they are eaten boiled, cooked, hot, and cold.

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