Best time to eat a pear

Pears are some of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world. A raw pear contains 84 percent water and 15 percent carbohydrates, and there is almost no fat and protein. A small pear, about 100 grams will give you about 57 calories. Pears are also a very good source of dietary fiber. Naturally, like all other fruits, pears are also considered very good for health, despite the fact that there is almost no other essential nutrient present in the fruit. Ideally, there is no right or wrong time to eat a pear as long as you consume it in moderation, and do not attempt to subsist on pears alone. So without further ado, let us see what is the best time to eat a pear so that we can get the maximum nutritional benefits from them.

best time to eat pear

In the morning

Pears are a very rich source of dietary fiber, which makes them highly essential items in our daily diets. Ideally, eating a small to medium sized pear a day will inject a lot of this essential nutrient in our system, ensuring that we are able to digest food properly, which will, in turn, boost our metabolism in the long run. For this reason, eating a pear in the morning is a great way of starting the day. A small pear gives us about 57 calories, and that, added to the dietary fiber, will ensure that we can stay full for a longer period of time. Plus, the sugar and calories will give us the essential energy to carry on till lunchtime without having to reach for unhealthy snacks.

As a snack

Pears are also very good as a midday or evening snack. They contain a lot of dietary fiber, which means that you can easily be filed up with a small serving, especially if you pair it with some other fruits as well. Besides, the immense water content ensures that you can indulge in these fruits free of guilt; it is unlikely that you will be putting on any weight even if you eat many of those pears. And even if you do manage to cross that impossible threshold, it is likely that you will be rewarded with a massive stomach upset, thanks to the dietary fiber.

To soothe digestive issues

Which brings us to the question of digestion. Pears have a lot of water and a lot of dietary fiber, which makes the ideal aids if you are ever suffering from constipation. If things seem difficult in the mornings, worry not, simply cut up a couple of pears and include them in your day’s diet. You will be surprised at how smooth things become by the next morning. In fact, eating pears regularly will smoothen your digestion, boost your metabolism, and do wonders for your weight management program.

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Go for fresh pears at all times. The canned versions are steeped in sugar syrup, which makes them frankly quite dangerous for health. You are also not likely to get much of their nutritional benefit, given that they contain significantly less amount of fiber. Eat pears by themselves, or cut up in salads and oats. Add them to a smoothie, or poach them. You can even steep them in red wine for an upscale twist!