Best time to eat prunes

Prunes are some of the most commonly consumed variety of dried fruits across the world. They are dried plums, and are recommended by dieticians everywhere. Prunes contain a variety of health benefits that make them a staple part of the diet for most people. They are mostly known for help in improvement of digestion, but they also contain a wide variety of nutrients such as Vitamin K and potassium. They can help in lowering the chances of a plethora of life threatening illnesses. However, like everything else, there is a particular time when prunes can be eaten to gain the maximum benefit out of them, and a certain quantity as well.

best time to eat prunes

For breakfast

Prunes can be safely eaten for breakfast. They contain ample calories, so eating them right in the morning makes perfect sense. There is a long day ahead of a lot of work, so you will have the chance to burn all those calories as you go about your day and not be worried about putting on excess weight. Besides, prunes are also extremely filling, so you will stay full for a long time even as you spend the calories, and not be tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks before lunch, which is when the energy levels usually start to dip, and the time is ripe for digging into usually unhealthy food. Chop up some pruned and mix them into your morning yoghurt and oats, or make a filling and nutritious smoothie of prunes, yogurt, dates, and a variety of seeds and nuts for some added protein.

For lunch

Prunes have a high amount of sugar in them, so you can easily substitute them for unhealthy desserts like brownies and ice creams. It is a good idea to carry some prunes with you as an after lunch snack, which will keep you from digging into a bowl of ice cream when the sweet cravings start after a hearty lunch. Whip up a fruits salad with some prunes and other dry fruits thrown in, and you will have a perfectly delicious dessert on your hands that will keep you full and satisfy your sweet tooth as well. It is infinitely better than a sugary treat. And if it is one of those days when you are longing for a great amount of ice cream, make your indulgence less guilty by opting for a low sugar ice cream and adding generous amounts of prunes and fruits in it.

To regulate metabolism

If you are feeling constipated, prunes can help you immensely. There is a lot of fiber in a prune, and that will help you regulate your bowel movements admirably. For this very reason, prunes are also great for weight loss. Simply add some prunes to your daily diet of healthy foods and throw in a regular amount of exercise, and you will see the numbers in the scales shoot down. The high fiber content in prunes keeps them in your stomach longer, keeping yu feeling full, and also boosts your metabolism in the process.

Prunes are highly versatile, which means you can use them in sweet and savory dishes equally. If you do not want to eat them as they are, try adding them in various foods that would usually require dried fruits. Prunes make a great addition to salads, ice creams, and oatmeal, and apart from turning food tasty, they help in keeping your heart healthy, provide antioxidants, and lowers risk of osteoporosis and Type 2diabetes.