Radish is usually a winter vegetable in most parts of the world, and it is likely that it is not on the list of your favorite vegetables. And that is not surprising; with its pungent taste and aroma, and a propensity to bloat you up in case you happen to indulge in it a little, it is likely that radish is more of an acquired taste. But, as they say, there is no gain without some pain, and that holds very true for radish as well. Radishes are actually one of the most wonderful roots you can dig up. They are rich in a variety of nutrients, and are also surprisingly versatile considering you know how to cook them and mould them to disguise the rather unpleasant smell and taste. Now, let us discuss when to best eat this wonderful root to get the best benefits out of it.

best time to eat radish

During the winter

As we all know, the best time to eat one of nature’s products is when it is in season, so that we can get the freshest produce and not the frozen substances we can but anytime from the grocery store. Radishes are grown mostly in winter across the globe, and that is the time when you should stock up on them. These roots exude a lot of heat, which also makes them the perfect winter vegetable. Whip up a salad or a tasty curry with radish, squash, carrots, peas, and other seasonal vegetables, and you will be able to deal with the unique taste and smell of this fresh produce.

Not at night

Of course, radish is also a vegetable that can be rather difficult to digest, since it is very high in fiber and will therefore sit in your stomach for quite some time. Follow it up with ample amounts of water and fruits so that it becomes easier for your enzymes to process this food. Therefore, it is best to eat radish during the daytime, when your metabolism is at its peak. Avoid this vegetable in any form during the night, and in fact after sundown, since your metabolism will start to dip by then and will become the slowest during the night. Eating radish for dinner will have you burping and feeling full even in the morning, and the bathroom experience will certainly not be pleasant.

When you are ill

Radish is a very good vegetable to include in your diet when you are feeling rather under the weather. As mentioned before, it exudes a fair amount of heat, which makes it an ideal vegetable to eat when you are suffering from a cold. Soups and salads with a generous helping of radish will have you get back to your feet in no time. It efficiently deals with chest congestion and coughs and colds. In fact, it is known to boost your immunity overall, and is also known to reduce blood sugar levels.

Radishes are certainly not for everyone at the first go, thanks to its unique taste. But, that is no reason to chuck it from your diet altogether. Include some amounts of this vegetable while it is in season, because it will help you get through the wintry days when you are not feeling too well.

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