Rice is the staple food for a lot of cultures across the world. It is one of the most widely grown crops, and forms a huge chunk of export and import for many nations. It is consumed in a variety of forms: steamed and fried, hot and cold, and as the main dish and as a dessert. The high carbohydrate content, coupled with a variety of essential nutrients, makes rice one of the most nutritional foods in the world. However, it is not a good idea to consume rice just at any time and all the time. Like everything else, there is a time and place to consume rice. Here, let us see when and how much rice is okay.

best time to eat rice

At lunch

Lunch is the best time to eat carbs, so rice is best consumed as part of your lunch menu. Carbohydrates will release a lot of energy, which will help replenish the energy lost at halftime, and keep you going for the rest of the day. Besides, you will be working and burning off all the calories you consume during the day, so little to none of that rice will be stored as fat. Eating rice at dinner is not advisable, since you will be sleeping and there will be no exercise to burn off all the calories you consume.

Trying to gain weight

If you are having trouble gaining weight, eating rice is the right way to go. Rice is a high glycemic index carb that will increase your blood sugar levels, which will in turn increase the production of insulin. This process stabilizes your blood sugar levels by turning the excess sugar into fat, which is stored in the adipose tissues, in other words, fat cells. So, if you are struggling to gain some weight, eating rice twice a day, at breakfast and in lunch, will help you reach a healthy weight.

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On a sporty routine

If you are hitting the gym regularly, or actively involved in sports, you can safely eat rice in breakfast and for lunch. This is because you will be getting energy to see you through the strenuous routine of the day, and will also be able to burn off all the calories. Besides, your diet is likely to be filled with vegetables and fibrous food, which will boost your metabolism and aid in getting rid of excess fat content, if any.

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After a long illness

Some disease like cancer, leave the victims emaciated and in desperate need to gain a healthy weight to recuperate. Rice is a great option in times like this. Traditionally, rice is a survival food; if you look at history, it was one of the first grains to be cultivated because humans found it nutritious, heavy, and with the extremely necessary attribute of giving them the strength to carry on through the heavy tasks of the prehistoric man. So, if you have recently won over a long illness that has taken a terrible toll on your health, take your rice intake up a few notches.

To sum it all up, how and when you eat rice really depends on your lifestyle. If you are working night shifts, eat rice for dinner by all means, because that is when you will be needing the energy. Even if you have a day job and can eat rice only at night, eat I before 8 pm, because metabolism slows down after that. Simply make sure that whenever you eat rice, you eat in moderation and offset it with plenty of fibre and protein.

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