Best time to eat spinach

We should all get some variety in our diets each day, but there is no harm in including some nutritious foods in our daily diets. One of those foods is spinach, the leafy green that we see in abundance in the winter months. But, that being said, can we eat spinach at any time of the day? While the daytime meals are easy to chalk out, dinner is another question altogether, given that our metabolism slows down drastically during the night, and we are not able to process many foods that we do not think twice about consuming during the day. So without further ado, let us find out what is the best time to eat spinach.

best time to eat spinach

Anytime of the day

Spinach can certainly be eaten all through the day, given that it contains very low calories. It is not a very complex food, and does not have any sugar or fat content. This makes it ideal for a light meal, since the body finds is easy to break down and process the leaves as opposed to, say, a heavy meal of potatoes, cheese, and red meats. The low calorie count will ensure that there are no excess calories that the body will automatically turn into fat even if there is no activity during the day or the night that will take up a lot of energy.

For breakfast

Spinach is a great breakfast food. It is low in calories, and a lot of fiber. A spinach smoothie with some flaxseeds, almonds, and other nuts and seeds is an ideal way to start the day, full of energy and proteins. If you can, make some spinach pesto to go with your salads, pasta and sandwiches; it will make whipping up a healthy breakfast childishly easy.

For lunch

Spinach is a high energy food, which makes it extremely filling. If you eat spinach for lunch with a generous amount of other vegetables and a few pieces of lean meat to maintain a balance, you will spend the day with a stomach full of food that will be easily processed. You will not have to stop work in the middle of the evening to order some unhealthy snacks, or indulge in some guilty tubs of ice cream.

Helps us sleep

Spinach is also a great addition to the dinner table for a simple reason: it helps you sleep. Spinach contains calcium and tryptophan, and both are highly important elements that are essential for a good night’s rest. So, by eating a bowl full of spinach, complemented with a glass of warm milk and some nuts and seeds, you will definitely get a most relaxing and rewarding period of the shut eye.

While spinach is mostly a winter staple, nowadays we can find the item almost the entire year around in the grocery stores. And that is a good thing too; this green is full of essential nutrients that are highly beneficial for the human body. You can eat it raw, as part of a salad, or make it into a delicious St. Patrick’s Day style smoothie, with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds for some added protein. Add spinach to your regular met and fish dishes, or even to your bowl of rice for an interesting twist.