Best time to eat strawberry

There is a lot of contention among dietitians regarding the best time to eat fruits, and that includes strawberries. A lot of dietitians are of the opinion that strawberries are best consumed after a meal, while others opine that they are most useful when you eat them on an empty stomach. Still others are of the staunch belief that any kind of fruit, including strawberries, should never be eaten on an empty stomach since it only bodes ill. In this article, we will try to find out when and how much of strawberries we should consume.

best time to eat strawberry

Around a workout

Strawberries are great additions to a fruit bowl to be consumed right before or after a workout session. For maximum benefits, divide the contents of the bowl into two parts for consumption both before and after the workout. This is because strawberries provide you with a lot of energy. The fructose in the fuits is broken down by the body to be tuned into simple sugars, which are then burned off as energy. Besides, it is always a good idea to work out a little after consuming anything sweet since that propels the body to use up the sugar instead of storing it as fat.

For breakfast

Strawberries are very good as a breakfast food. They are very high in nutrients and very low in calories; however, they are very filling. Their great taste makes them the perfect addition to your morning oats and yogurts. You could also eat them as a fruit salad in the morning as long as you remember to supplement the breakfast with some heavy duty food. Strawberries are filling with a lot of sugar and water, so they will keep you satiated till lunch and keep you from reaching from unhealthy snacks in between.

In between meals

Speaking of which, strawberries are also great for snacking in between meals. Who doesn’t feel hungry, or at least get a case of the munchies in the long hours between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner? Strawberries are great as snacks, thanks to their high nutritional value and the fact that they are so filling. Have a couple of cups of strawberries at hand to help you out, or pack in a smoothie, and you will be all set to tackle those hunger pangs the healthy way.

During an illness

Strawberries are also great for tissue repair. The Vitamin C is strawberries help in repairing and growing new tissues. Besides, the Vitamin C also boosts your immunity and helps you fight illnesses better. This makes strawberries the perfect food during or after long illnesses, or when there is a physical wound to repair.

Strawberries have a lot of nutritional value, which makes them a great addition to your everyday meal plan. There might be some restrictions if you are pregnant, but a talk with the doctor would clear things up. Ideally, strawberries are good for your overall health since they keep you slim, boost your immunity, and have also been linked with the remission in some form of cancers. As long as you are not overdoing it, eat them away!