The ill effects of sugar cannot be sugar-coated, so to speak. Sugar causes immense damage to the system, and is the cause of a plethora of deadly illnesses, starting from diabetes to some forms of cancer. Sugar is related to signs of early aging, reduced energy, and poor dental health. Yet, all said and done, we would not be able to survive without sugar. Not because it is something capable of making us happy all the time, literally, but also because the body needs some amount and some kinds of sugar to function properly. But it is important to regulate the amount of and the time when you eat sugar. That is what we will focus on in this article.

best time to eat sugar

Opt for healthy sugars

First of all, it is important to know that it is never a good idea to have sugar straight from the sugar bowl. Sugar as we use it is refined, which makes it all the more unhealthy. It is best to have sugar mixed in a drink or a dessert. It is even better to have brown sugar as it is an unrefined form of the sweetener. The best alternative, however, are the many varieties of non-sugar sweeteners available in the market; these are healthy as they provide you with the required dose of sweetness without compromising your health as such as actual sugar would.

Before a workout

The best time to eat sugar would be right before a workout session. Sugar provides you with a lot of energy by spiking the blood sugar levels, and a little dessert will be good enough to help you power through the exercise session. Besides, working out after eating a dessert is a very good idea because your body is forced to transform all the sugar it got into energy to keep pace with all the movements; otherwise, it would be tempted to store all the sugar into fat.

After a big meal

If you must reach for a brownie or a cupcake at least once a day, and exercising is not really your thing, do it after a big meal. Lunch or breakfast is the best time. Since these are the two biggest meals of the day, they are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, and a lot of nutrients. All the protein, especially, will help convert the sugar into glucose that will keep you full for a longer time and give you energy. Besides, you will not be able to eat too much of a sweet thing- no matter how delicious- once you are already full.

Not at dinner

Dinner, again, is not a good time to gorge on sugary treats. Our metabolism slows down at night, facing difficulty in processing regular food. Sugar laden desserts will almost certainly remain unprocessed; they will not break down into glucose because you don’t need much energy during the next few hours of inactivity, and will therefore be transformed into fat and wander about your blood.

Despite all the good times listed above, sugar is something best avoided. We get our necessary sugars in the form of carbohydrates, which is then broken down to form simple sugars. A good way of allaying sugar cravings is to indulge in some delicious fruit smoothies.

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