Tea, it’s one of the most popular beverages around the world. It comes with a ton of health benefits. For starters it has lesser caffeine than coffee, while caffeine does help us stay awake too much of it can cause restlessness, insomnia and so much more, so lesser caffeine is beneficial. Tea is packed with antioxidants which detoxes our body keeping it healthier. Tea without any sugar additives is also calorie free, making it a flavor filled alternative to water. Tea is also known to keep your teeth whiter by balancing the PH levels in your mouth when you drink it, who knew? Okay we know that tea is beneficial but do we all know when to best consume this miracle beverage? Also yes drinking tea whenever you want isn’t beneficial. So here are some of the best times to drink tea.

best time to drink tea

In a Day:

The Morning Tea: It’s better to consume tea after a good breakfast as drinking tea before breakfast can lead to a loss of appetite as it reduces the secretion of gastric juice and reduces the amount of acid and bile in the stomach. Tea after a good breakfast however will help in better digestion and the caffeine will also help you have a more energized morning. However do not drink tea immediately after a meal wait 30 minutes before you drink tea after a meal.

The Noon Tea: During the noon is when our body’s liver heat is much higher than the rest of the day. A good cup of tea during this period can help with by cooling the body and a green tea is the best for noon time.

The late evening and night tea: It’s better to avoid tea in the evenings as the caffeine might not help with your sleep but if you do crave tea in the evenings then it’s better to go with a herbal or dark tea as it reduces the amount of caffeine consumption while also putting an end for your tea craving. A tea that is fermented will help the most at night as it doesn’t mess with the sleep and can also be beneficial for our health by helping it break down fats that are in our body.

During the various seasons:

During spring and summer: During this time is when tea can be consumed in copious amounts, the body is constantly sweating and a green tea is ideal in these situations and can perfectly hydrate the body. Green tea and other white teas also have a cooling effect on the body making it more ideal for these seasons.

During Autumn and Winter: During these seasons it’s better to drink tea’s that are fermented and it’s also advisable to drink lesser tea overall. Dark and black teas can help in warming the body and can also help in keeping a check on your body fats by breaking them down, thereby keeping your body weight in check during this time. So it’s ideal to ditch green teas and go with the black or fermented teas during these seasons.

Those are the best times to drink tea so, what are you waiting for? Go grab your cuppa now.

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