Can You Microwave Sweet Potatoes?


can you microwave sweet-potatoes

Sweet potato is a highly nutritious food. It is rich in low digesting carbs, and essential nutrition that makes it a healthy super food. Though there are several ways to cook it, microwave is one of the simplest, and quickest 

Coronavirus: How To Disinfect Vegetables And Fruits?


disinfect veggies fruit

Coronavirus is a contagious disease that spreads among people by coming in contact with the water droplets of the infected person through coughing, sneezing etc. It is found that fruits and vegetables are one of the ways of spreading this 

Can A Diabetic Eat Rice?


can a diabetic eat rice

Healthy eating is considered to be the ideal way to manage Type 2 diabetes in a person. It is associated to excessive weight. Counting your carbs, and calories, and sticking to the well-balanced diabetes diet is the way to keep 

Can A Diabetic Eat Pineapple?


can a diabetic eat pineapple

 When you are identified by diabetes, the first that your doctor will suggest is to clean your diet. Food is one of the controversial topics when designing a diabetes diet. Most diabetics worry if the sugar content in the pineapple 

Can a diabetic eat chocolate?


can a diabetic eat chocolate

Diabetes is a severe health condition where the blood sugar levels in a person becomes very high. These people have to take good care of their diet by monitoring consumption of sugar, and carbohydrate. Generally, diabetics are advised to avoid 

Can A Diabetic Eat Ice Cream?



In summers, who doesn’t want to relish ice cream? For diabetes, things are not that simple. You need to count your carbs, and sugar before you eat anything. Looking at this condition, sugary foods like ice cream, and other desserts 

Can a diabetic eat dates?


dates in diabetes

Nutritionists, and health experts normally advocates to consume dates in their diet. As they are a superfood with abundance of nutrition in it. But in case of diabetes, where the diet has to be strictly monitored on the basis of 

Can a diabetic eat avocado?


avocado in diabetes

Generally, people with diabetes are advised to eat foods that assist them in controlling their blood glucose levels and lower cholesterol, and blood pressure. This is indeed the right way to manage diabetes, avoid complications, and live a healthy life. 

Can A Diabetic Eat Strawberries?


strawberries in diabetes

Fruit has always been a controversial topic when it comes to adding it in the diabetes diet. This is because a diabetic is advised to consume a low-sugar, and low carb diet. Strawberry is rich in natural sweetness that puts 

Can A Diabetic Eat Cherries?


Can A Diabetic Eat Cherries?

When it comes to diabetes, selection of food is a very critical thing. You can’t eat anything that you like. Foods that seems to be healthy may not be as healthy for a diabetic. It depends on their GI index,