Best time to drink coconut water

What is the best time to drink coconut water?

Coconut water is a natural hydrating drink which is a great source of potassium and has several health benefits. It acts as a great alternative to the other high-calorie and high sugar filled drinks available . Coconut water Is low in calories and high in important nutrients like potassium which gets lost in sweat and workouts. Drinking coconut water at right time can double the health benefits. Read below to know what are the perfect timings to have coconut water for maximum benefits:

What is the best time to drink coconut water


    • Early morning on empty stomach: There are several benefits of drinking coconut water on empty stomach, early in the morning. Lauric acid present in the coconut water can improve the immunity naturally, enhance metabolism and detoxify the body. Regular consumption of coconut water also helps in maintaining electrolyte balance thus regulating blood pressure and improving intestinal functions. Coconut water intake in the morning also aids in weight loss due to the less fat content in it.


    • Before workout sessions/gym: Having coconut water before the workout sessions can ensure that the electrolytes lost during the workouts are replenished. It is a great drink to have which is lower in calorie content and is a much better option than the other bottled beverages. Coconut water also suppresses the appetite and makes one feel full because of its rich nature and nutrients presence. The ingredients in coconut water make it very effective at hydrating the human body than those of other sports and energy drinks available in the market.


    • Pre- and post-meals: Found in abundance in most tropical countries, coconut water is a refreshing drink and acts as a health enhancer if taken pre- and post meals. Drinking coconut water pre-meals makes you feel fuller and prevents overeating and weight gain problems. Taking it post meals helps in quick digestion and prevents common problems such as bloating, nausea, loss of appetite and reduce inflammation as well. The tannins present in coconut water also have anti-bacterial properties that prevent infection.


    • During night time: Regular intake of Coconut water before bed time benefits the urinary tract and bladder aiding in cleansing and removing infections. It also eliminates toxins from the body and reduces kidney problems. Known to strengthen the immune system, coconut water helps from chronic fatigue and boost energy.


  • During pregnancy: It is safe to have coconut water during pregnancy in moderate amounts as it contains many minerals and vitamins. Coconut water curbs dehydration caused by morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also, helps in constipation and heartburn problems during pregnancy. Full of nutrients like manganese, vitamin c, calcium and dietary fibres, coconut water is a very refreshing drink for pregnancy.


Coconut water is a favorite of many due to several health gains. Benefits of coconut water include facilitating digestion, aid in weight loss, and in boosting hydration. It can be enjoyed in combination with other liquid drinks or as a standalone beverage on daily basis.Highly affordable and full of energy and health benefits, coconut water is the best drink available for people of all age groups.