Flax seeds are one of the earliest crops to be ever cultivated; in fact, humans have been cultivating this crop ever since 9000 BC and that’s just the start. So to state that we have known about the health benefits of flax seeds would be an understatement, in more ways than one. The flax council (yes, we have an actual council that mandates and regulates over flax seeds) estimates that flax seeds are utilized in over three hundred food products across continental America and that’s just one part of the world. Today, these seeds are used in various cuisines, in various products and some even consume it raw though it is not recommended to do so. However, to answer the question as to whether it is safe to eat flax seeds at night, you may want to read on.

Can I eat flax seeds at night?

Health benefits of flax seeds

Flax seeds have long been known for various health benefits; it has wide-ranging effects and is even used today as an active medical ingredient in various medicines. Check out some of the health benefits that you get from consuming flax seeds regularly.

  • Cancer: Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 in the form of ALA and this can help inhibit tumor growth, as a study recently highlighted. Apart from this, it also helps you to fight effectively against other disorders and is quite effective in preventing the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body.
  • Heart: Flax seeds as indicated earlier are rich in Omega 3 which can help boost your cardiovascular health. It can help you in various ways and is well known for its anti-inflammatory action as well as regulating your heartbeat. Studies have also indicated that a diet rich in flax seeds can help prevent hardening of the arteries as well as prevent plaque from being deposited in the arteries. It is also known to be quite effective in reducing cholesterol levels in your body, especially bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • Digestion: Flax seeds have long been known for their effect on the human digestion and a diet rich in flax seeds are often prescribed to those who are suffering from issues such as constipation. It is also an effective medicine against various colon and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Blood pressure: Flax seeds contain lignans and a recent study showcased the fact that a diet rich in flax seeds can be effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

But the fact remains that flax seeds come with their own side effects such as causing adverse abdominal pain, depending on the concerned individual and the underlying health condition. But generally, flax seeds are safe to consume and most adults can do so safely. However, you may want to pay off the flax seeds at night since it can cause you to void your bowels several times and your sleep is bound to get affected in the process. That’s why it is better to eat flax seeds during the day and not during the night.

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