We usually have a love-hate relationship with jackfruit; while some of us would swear by its color, taste, and distinctive aroma, others would not get near it with a ten-foot pole. This tropical fruit is referred to by many as the king of fruits, while many others recoil from its strong taste and smell. But, like it or hate it, it is hard to avoid the jackfruit when the season arrives. You will find pieces of this fruit in every fruit salad, and even in some savory dishes if the chef is adventurous enough. But, the jackfruit is a rich enough food to ensure that overconsumption will lead to some nasty side effects, so it is best to eat them with caution. To know more about the best time to eat jackfruit, read on.

best time to eat jackfruit

Avoid at night

Jackfruit is a very rich and heavy fruit, so it is best to eat in during the day, before sundown. Our metabolism slows down drastically after sunset, and by the time dinnertime arrives, it is at its slowest. For this reason, it is not advisable to eat jackfruit for dinner, or even as a nighttime snack. Our body will find it very difficult to process such a calorie dense, sugar-rich food, and we will face a lot of digestive distress throughout the night. Besides, even if we have a good enough metabolism to process the fruit, it is likely that the sugars will be converted into fat because there is no activity at night to expend all that into energy. Of course, things will be different if you have a schedule that requires you to stay up at night.

For breakfast

That being said, the morning is certainly a very good time to eat jackfruit. It is a calorie dense fruit, which means that a few pieces of jackfruit, combined with some oats and yogurt, will fill you up sufficiently to keep you satiated, and you will be far less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks when hunger pangs strike mid-morning. Studies show that our energy levels dip sometime around 11 in the morning, which is when we try to boost our energy by experiencing phantom hunger. The calories and the sugar from the jackfruit will keep you full, and you will be all set till lunch.

For post-lunch dessert

Jackfruit is a very good alternative for a traditional dessert. Most of us feel the need to taste a little sweet something after we have our lunch, and a high calorie, sugar-laden doughnut or pastry is not a very good idea. A few pieces of jackfruit, preferably mixed with some other fruits as well, are a far better choice. You will get the nutrition much required, loads of fiber and water to process your lunch, and also satisfy your sweet tooth well enough to keep you happy until late evening.

Jackfruit can be eaten in many ways. You can chop up some and mix with your morning yogurt and oats, or you can sprinkle some on your ice cream. You can also add some to savory dishes if you are feeling particularly adventurous. One of the easiest ways, of course, is to whip up a delicious smoothie with some milk and a few nuts and seeds.

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