Proteins are basically organic compounds of nitrogen which have large molecules that are composed of one or more long chains of amino acids. Proteins are an essential part of all the living organisms especially the structural components of the body tissues such as muscles, hair, etc. Proteins are also important components of various enzymes and antibodies of the body. Proteins are required for proper elasticity and functioning of the muscles and play a crucial role in the building strength of the body. Thus, the inclusion of sufficient amount of protein in the diet is of utmost importance and timely consumption of protein is equally important as well.

best time to eat protien

The best time to eat protein is as mentioned below:

  • Early in the morning – During our sleep, the body uses most of the nutrients from the last meal that we had. Now, when this stored energy is depleted, the body lacks the required amount of protein for the facilitation of muscle and tissue repair. Thus, the consumption of protein is ideal in the early morning after we wake up so that the depleted amount is replenished back. So, ideally, the breakfast should contain enough amount of protein.
  • After sessions of workout – Sessions of workouts or exercising creates small tears in the muscles of our body which essentially requires proteins for the process of repair. Therefore, the best time to eat protein is within thirty minutes after a session of workout or exercise. This immediate supply of protein after a workout helps in the healing of the muscles and thereby making the muscles stronger. One thing is to be kept in mind here is that the whey proteins which of fat digesting nature are recommended since it has the capability to provide the muscles with the required quick boost. However, the requirement of protein for the muscles remain intensified for a prolonged period of time and hence casein protein is most effective in this case since it coagulates in the stomach and gets digested slowly.
  • In between meals – Eating proteins in the small amount in between the meals is best since it keeps on providing a steady supply of protein to the muscles of our body. Casein protein is the best for continuous supply to the body. Having protein in between the meals is not only best for the muscles but also it keeps us full and hence preventing us from unhealthy snacking. Thus, it is extremely good for health as well.
  • Before going to bed – When we go to bed, we sleep but our body tissues do not instead they are constantly working. For this working, the tissues need the constant supply of energy and hence having some protein before going to bed will provide the tissues with the necessary supply of proteins on a continuous basis even when you sleep. This ultimately prevents the stomach from being empty early in the morning and decreases the gap between our last meal at night & the early morning meal for replenishing the stores of proteins in the morning.

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