Scorching summer season and people want to hog on to water lemon. It is refreshingly cool and provides adequate water to the body losing precious fluid through sweat. Although it has multiple health benefits, majority of people are unaware about the time to consume the magical fruit. In the following paragraphs we provide detailed information about the time and the ways to have watermelon.

best time to eat watermelon

Lunch: During Lunch, the watermelon can be used in the form of soup. It is chopped and blended for the foodies so that they can not only relish the taste by enjoy the health benefits of the fruit. To make the cuisine spicier, red bell peppers are added to the eclectic mix.
People would get not only Vitamin BG but also magnesium in. Both nutrients are necessary to improve the immune system and durability of the bones.
One of the most important ways of preparing soup with watermelon is to use chilled Ginger flavor to accomplish the task.
Cool mint is mixed with tangy lime to revitalize the spore muscles. Creamy soup is entwined with water melon to provide bitter and sour taste to the users. Protein rich yogurt is mixed to help in the cell regeneration of the body.


Tasty salads: Watermelon chicken salad with balsamic vinegar is enmeshed with calcium rich baby spinach to important taste and appearance. Mineral rich nutrients are available for the foodies according to their requirements. You can serve salads during parties to the guests. They are combined with the main course meal to captivate the imagination of the people.
During the afternoon, one can cook Grilled Watermelon Salad and pickled radishes to boot. The recipe comprises of mixing the fruit with the olive oil. Thereafter the water melon is chopped and put in a mixture of iron rich greens. Pickled radish as well as pumpkin seeds enhances the flavor of the cuisine.

Evening snacks: Water melon can be used as evening snacks by the user during the month of intensive heat. Tortilla chips into the fruity watermelon can fire up the brain while the latter helps to cool down the temperature of the body. A slice of snacks consumed by the body can provide immense relief to the taste buds and replenish the cells with adequate nutrition.
Water melon when mixed with lemon juice provides flavonoids acting as antioxidants. They eliminate the production of free radicals in the blood. Regular consumption of snacks would help to prevent the occurrences of life threatening diseases such as cancer.

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Drinks at Night: The best time to drink watermelon is night when cool winds blow from west to east. Frosty water melon is skin to having ice cream without fatty components such as butter and chocolate.
Cream can be added to the juice in the form of bananas that are sweet and beneficial to health. People can also get potassium and valuable salts contained in the drink to provide nutrition to the cells. As a result, you can improve the digestive system of the body to a great extent.

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