Yogurt is a delicious food option that can be consumed any time of the day because of its sweet taste stuffed with different fruit flavors. People prefer milk based delicacy as it has become popular across the world. One of the most important benefits of yogurt apart from taste is that it is low on calories and doesn’t add cholesterol in the blood. Although as mentioned above, it can be consumed round the clock but night time is the ideal time when one can consume yogurt. Lets find out why.

best time to eat yogurt

Low on calories:

People suffering from the hunger pangs during night can have yogurt without feeling guilty because it will not increase their weight.  They overeat partially due to boredom or anxiety. Yogurt is beneficial for health as it contains only 180 calories of energy in 8 ounces of quantity.

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Presence of protein:

Yogurt plays an instrumental role in ensuring sound sleep to the people suffering from insomnia. Tryptophan is a special amino acid that helps to ward off bouts of sleeplessness. It is responsible for production of melatonin and serotonin which can be procured from Yogurt. Moreover, the mil product is easy to digest and doesn’t cause bloating of the stomach. Protein in the body is essential as it acts as the building blocks for the development of the muscles in body.

Selection of Yogurt:

Not all yogurts are suitable as night time snacks because they are rich in sugar. Therefore, you should make sure that sugar free product is selected because it will provide immense health benefits. You should stay away from fruit yogurts because they have a high sugar level. Read the label carefully before purchasing the product from the store.

Persistent consumption of milk product will help you to get the dream abs you are looking for. It will go a long way in the reduction of weight however exercises are also necessary to accomplish the task.

Existence of useful bacteria:

Yogurt is inundated with probiotics that facilitate in proper digestion of food even when it is consumed at night. It also boosts the immune system so that the body is able to fight diseases. People suffering from bloating of stomach can consume Yogurt to get relief and peaceful sleep at night.

Loaded with vitamins:

Yogurt is a wonderful source of vitamins that combines with protein to improve the body health. Presence ofB12 ensures regular blood supply and enhances the functioning of the nervous system. If you are deficient in nutrients, try to have Yogurt in copious amounts to get the required supplements without costing a bomb.

Consumption during day:

Day time consumption of yogurt after having a strenuous work out will rejuvenate the body muscles as it is filled with essential nutrition. Muscles might get strained during the workout because they are prone to wear and tear. With the milk product, you can recuperate at a faster pace. Energy cells that are depleted get refreshed after eating yogurt on a regular basis. It can also help to improve the hydration process of the body.

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