Want to know when is the best time to eat banana? You’ve landed at the right page. Let’s check out the most suitable time to consume banana.

best time to eat banana

Knowing more about banana

Banana is one of those fruit, which are popular in almost every part of the world. Banana is a fruit wrapped up beautifully inside a thick inedible peel which is mainly yellow in color but may have shades ranging from green to brown black spots on it depending on what stage of it, you are consuming. Bananas grow in cluster of 50 to 150. It is a good source of both vitamins and minerals.

When and when not to eat banana

  • Although there is no as such restriction but it is better to avoid banana in empty stomach as consuming it in empty stomach may lead to acute peptic ulcer.
  • And try keeping a gap of half an hour to an hour before or after any meal.

There is as such no best time of eating a banana. The nutritional profile of bananas changes as they ripen. The riper the banana gets, the sweeter it becomes. Every phase has its own benefits so it totally depends on your requirements at what stage of its ripening you want to consume it.

Consuming the right banana

Banana should be firm and not too ripe. It is best if it is left at room temperature to ripe naturally. Unripe bananas should not be placed in the refrigerator as it hinders in their ripening process such that there might be a possibility that after again introducing it to room temperature or hotter temperature it may not resume their natural ripening anymore.

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If you want to ripe the bananas earlier than normal time they may take, there is an advice-wrap them in newspaper or place the bananas in a paper bag.

If you have already ripe bananas with you and you want to extend the time till which you can still consume them then keep them in refrigerator. Keeping in refrigerator may lead to darkening of the peel but that is nothing to worry about. The flesh does not get affected.

Consuming fully ripened banana is also beneficial in case your body is in need of antioxidants. Not only anti-oxidants instead, it contains a very high concentration of everything from fiber to vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, etc.

Pros of eating banana

  • Bananas are helpful in muscle contraction and relaxation as well as protein synthesis which results in lean muscle mass.
  • Bananas are advised mainly during the time you are gymming that is after gym if you eat banana, it will recover your muscles faster from the tiredness and allows you to do normal daily routine work in the rest of the day.
  • Bananas help fight depression. It has antidepressant properties. It can treat anxiety and insomnia as well as other mood issues like anger, aggression. Helps to regulate stress.
  • It stabilizes blood sugar levels leading to consistent energy levels and weight loss. Due to stabilized blood sugar levels, you will not have the urge to feel like keeping your tummy full by eating something or the other.
  • Bananas come to rescue to help you with your poor digestion.
  • Bananas being rich in glucose; which again turn out to be the most easily digestible source of sugar. So you get to quickly replenish your energy stores that may be depleted due to any reason of workout or anything.
  • An antioxidant named delphinidin is found in bananas that has anti-tumor properties. So, yes it also helps battle cancer.
  • Unripe bananas have higher starch content in comparison to ripe ones and thus they have the characteristics that eating them you may feel your stomach to be full faster.

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