The little blue-black jewels of juicy joy can be munched any time of the day. But for a taste of those fabulously delicious juicy berries, there are some times which are better suited than other and having these gorgeous ones at the right time and in the right way will get you the best benefit of the fruit. Blueberries come loaded with anti-oxidant and are a super healthy food that is high on nutritional value and are excellent for your taste buds.

best time to eat blueberries

A must for the breakfast:
Make a blueberry smoothie act as your day starter. Having fruit in an empty stomach and early in the morning can be the best way to wake up your body. Mix berries with yogurt and cereal to have a healthy diet that will also be delicious. Empty stomach soaks in the benefit of the fruits better than a full stomach and eating fruit in the morning will activate a better and stronger digestive system.

In between meals:
Make a simple salad of blueberries, sunflower seed, and walnuts that will satiate your sudden hunger pangs. You can use this salad as a starter for your lunch or dinner or have it in between meals this will keep your stomach full but will not add on to your waist.

For the odd times when hunger strikes:
If you are one, who loves to binge and always tends to gravitate towards the refrigerator to see what leftovers from the yesterday meal are there for you to sink your happy teeth’s into then blueberries can be your savior. The berries can be readily stocked, and frozen berries can last a long time in your refrigerator. Moreover, these frozen wonders preserve their goodness and frozen berries even after six months will retain its nutritional value. So, stock up on them for you odd time munching.
Blueberries are filled with goodness and can act as a super food that must be a part of your everyday diet. It helps in improving memory function as it is rich in anthocyanin, protects the retina from unwanted sunlight and oxygen damage, lowers risk of heart disease and has a positive impact on blood sugar levels, even for people with diabetes. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which are beneficial for preventing oxygen damage preserving our nerve cells and improving our digestive system. The fruits come with the ability to eliminate free radicals that we get from our everyday life and exposure to pollution.

Even though the fruit is filled with a lot of qualities, it is essential that we have blueberries on its own or with other healthy items. Blueberry can be used to make muffins and are a great ingredient for making many desserts. Using blueberry in a dessert loses all useful purpose of the fruit, and the added carb and sugar will take over and reduce blueberry only to be ornamental. Eat blueberry on its own or with yogurt to retain the goodness of the fruit.

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