Best time to eat boiled eggs

Eggs are powerhouses of energy and protein. These can safely be eaten by vegetarians, which makes them the most important source of protein for almost anyone. But, they contain a lot of cholesterol and an excess of neither cholesterol nor protein is good for health. As such, it is always a good idea to know when and how much of eggs can be eaten. And, boiled eggs are of course better than any other form. Read on to find out why.

best time to eat boiled eggs

Why boiled eggs?

Boiled eggs are much better than the scrambled or curried eggs simply because the boiled version is as unadulterated as it gets. There is no inclusion of extra salt, oil, or cheese. Boiled eggs will simply give you an injection of healthy protein if taken in the correct amount.

For breakfast

During the period when you sleep during the night, the body goes through the lion’s share of the supplements that we get from the previous night’s supper. As a result, we no longer have the protein or the vitamins in our body that will encourage the growth and repair of the muscles and tissues. This is why you need to get ample protein when you wake up, and this is when a couple of boiled eggs would be invaluable. The protein that you eat first thing in the morning will renew the depleted stores, and your body will start repairing the tissues and muscles that had been worn out by the previous day’s exertions.

Around an exercise

Eating boiled eggs around an exercise schedule is also a very good idea. Exercise needs a lot of energy, and eating a couple of boiled eggs round 30 minutes before your usual exercise regimen will help you get ample protein for energy to power you through the workout. Again, exercising causes ample amounts of wear and tear to the muscles, and we need protein to help rebuild these wears and tears. Adding a couple of boiled eggs to your post exercise diet will allow you to repair those strains easily and much faster, and prevent any long lasting injury or body pain.

In between meals

Boiled eggs can easily be eaten as a snack anytime you are feeling hungry. The added protein will only do you good as long as you are not overindulging in the same, and you will be   getting an extra shot of energy to carry on the rest of the day. Carry a couple of boiled eggs, preferably chopped in pieces that you can spoon up every time you feel hungry between meals. They will keep you full and keep you from reaching for unhealthy snacks.

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Boiled eggs can be eaten in a number of ways. Although half boiled eggs come with the added risk of parasites as half boiling does not get rid of harmful bacteria like listeria, hard boiling of eggs successfully kills of most of the parasites living in the egg. You can have them as they are, include them in salads, or turn them into a paste and mix them in mashed potatoes for a more savory version of the classic.